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Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS — a better way to install the most stable Ubuntu

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS — the distribution's first “long term support” release — now has a new installer that incorporates some 600 bug and security fixes and makes installation easier, especially on servers.
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The new installer — you don't really need it if you can successfully use the old installer, already have a 6.06 LTS install (like I do) and have done all the updates — underscores Canonical's commitment to the LTS concept. While the twice-yearly releases of Ubuntu get most of the light and heat in the uber-geek community, there are many who depend on the relative stability of the LTS release to keep their hardware running. That's especially true on servers, where major upgrades every six months are impractical at best and detrimential at worst — nobody wants to break a system that's been running well.

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