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Review: SimplyMepis 7.0

I've heard a lot of talk about Mepis lately, especially with its fan base being nearly as outspoken and zealous as those in the Ubuntu community, yet I've never really tried it before.
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Overall, SimplyMepis 7 is a very good distribution for new users. Aside from the few problems I listed above, I'd consider it a top pick distribution for new users and will join other greats such as PcLinuxOS and Mint on my list of recommended distributions. It still has a few chinks in the armor that the developers still need to work out, but I think that's true to some degree with every distribution, but some have bigger flaws than others. There are some things that need to be fixed which I feel are important to resolve in order for SimplyMepis to rise to the top of all distributions for new users. But aside from that, it gets my vote as one of my recommended distributions.

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