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Managing your Book Collection in Ubuntu with Alexandria

Alexandria is an application for Linux allows you to sort and track your book collection. It makes it easy to manage your collection by allowing you to sort items into multiple libraries, and adding books is as simple as entering its ISBN. Read it at Techthrob Quote: Adding an item to your library is as […]

Two weeks on Ubuntu

Due to major problems with one of our desktops, I donated my main XP desktop to the COO and I decided to use the Ubuntu file server as my desktop for a week “just to see”. Read it here Quote: The whole apt-get/Synaptic system for installing apps is very easy to use but was required […]

Install Photoshop CS2 on Your Ubuntu PC

Starting from last night, Photoshop CS2 can now be installed easily by using Wine… on any Linux distribution! “Photoshop CS/CS2 should now work, please help us testing it” – said the wonderful people behind the Wine project. Read it here Quote: Therefore, I've updated my Ubuntu 7.10 operating system to the latest version of Wine […]

Ubuntu Linux on an HP DV9627CL

I was in the market for a laptop, and if I am anything, it's a frugal gadget geek. I'm always buying gadgets, but I'm cheap about it. Read it here Quote: I'm happy to report that I was able to get everything working in Ubuntu Linux, with the exception of hibernate. I started with a […]

Simple Home File Server (Based On Ubuntu)

This tutorial explains how to turn an old PC with additional hard disks into a simple home file server. The file server is intended for home use. The home file server is accessible by Windows and Linux computers in the home network. Read it at Howtoforge

IBM snuggles up with Ubuntu

It's easy to overlook IBM's announcement that its Lotus Notes and Lotus Symphony suites will run on Ubuntu. I think this would be a mistake. IBM is not a dumb company. It's not in the habit of wasting resources. Read the comment at C*Net Quote: Ubuntu is ready for prime time enterprise adoption when IBM […]

Creating and booting an ia32 debian system from an amd64 one

I decided it would be worth to try from within a real IA32 environment, just to check if that could be a bug linked to this. So, today's game is to create an IA32 debian system from my own, set it up and boot it. Read here how to do it

Flex Builder Linux Alpha 2 on Debian Etch

If Adobe wants to attract open source developers a Linux port would be pretty essential. Let’s hope it happens “soon” as James promised because developing AIR on FlexBuilder on VMWare is very painful! James also suggested I try the Flex Builder Alpha for Linux so here goes… Rread the post here Quote: I went to […]

Planet Debian Searching

You should be able to see and use the search box in the sidebar on Planet Debian now. Feedback is welcome, I'm sure. Thanks to Steve for the fantastic addition to our aggregator Read the announcement here

Lotus Notes 8.5 to fully support Ubuntu Linux 7.10 in mid-2008

IBM prepares to deliver its next versions of Lotus Notes enterprise collaboration software and Lotus Symphony office productivity applications for the first time with full support for Ubuntu Linux 7.10 sometime in the second half of this year. Read the story here Quote: Antony Satyadas, chief competitive marketing officer for IBM Lotus, said the Ubuntu […]

Full Circle Magazine – issue #9 out now!

Full Circle – the Independent Magazine for the Ubuntu Linux Community are proud to announce the release of our ninth issue. Full Circle Magazine – Issue #9 Full Circle – the Independent Magazine for the Ubuntu Linux Community are proud toannounce the release of our ninth issue. This month: * OpenGEU – Step-by-step install from […]

vhcs installation on debian server

VHCS delivers a complete hosting automation appliance by offering significant security, total-cost-of-ownership, and performance advantages over competing commercial solutions. The complete installation is here Quote: With VHCS Pro you can configure your server and applications, create user with domains with a few point-and-click operations that take less than a minute. There is no limit to […]

8 Ways to Get Help with Ubuntu Linux

Especially with Ubuntu Linux, there's a wealth of information to help get you through your crisis. Below are eight ways to get help when you have a problem with Ubuntu. Get help here Quote: 8. If all else fails – submit a bug reportNot exactly an instant solution, but if you're having a problem that […]

Review: A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux

Putting off that New Year's resolution to get started on Linux? Here's a combination of book and distribution that will lay a strong foundation for Linux projects. It's at Quote: Lately, though, there's been a catch. The most helpful introductory books for beginners, Mark G. Sobell's “Practical Guide…” series, cover Red Hat Linux and […]

Things You Need To Install After Installing Ubuntu

While Ubuntu comes with a set of applications that you can use immediately, due to licensing issue, some of the popular software/file format/plugins are not included in the installation by default. Luckily, there are tons of support and free software that you can install to enhance your user experience. Read about what to do here

Dell Issues Mac Air-ish, Ubuntu Powered Laptop

Linux laptop users suffering from Apple MacBook Air envy now have a chic, hot laptop to call their own: the Dell XPS 1330n with pre-installed Ubuntu 7.10. Read it here Quote: On Jan. 23, Dell quietly announced that it was releasing the Dell XPS 1330n to the European market. In addition, for the first time, […]

Howto Install KDE 4.0 (Stable) in Ubuntu Gutsy

KDE is built on the KDE Libraries which provide easy access to resources on the network by means of KIO and advanced visual capabilities through Qt4. Read it at UbuntuGeek

Paddys Adventures In Mepis Land

I tried out Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, PC Linux, Freespire, Linspire, Suse, Fedora and Mepis, with all of them having good and bad points from my point of view. Mepis was easily the best and most comfortable one. Read it in this blog Quote: We now run Mepis on 3 computers with a total satisfaction rating […]

How To Install And Use The djbdns Name Server On Debian Etch

djbdns is a very secure suite of DNS tools that consists out of multiple parts: dnscache, a DNS cache that can be used in /etc/resolv.conf instead of your ISP's name servers and that tries to sort out wrong (malicious) DNS answers Read it here

Installing Ubuntu, a world without Windows

The Gulf News: If you are tired of Windows and wanted to try something else, I specifically mentioned Ubuntu as a good starting point for the Linux newbie. It's from a non-techie angle: Quote: I wanted to install Ubuntu on my old PC and replace the Windows 2000 Professional it was currently running. I took […]

Ubuntu, NVIDIA and Two Monitors

I knew the latest Ubuntu had made advances in setting up monitors but I was also familiar with hacking on xorg.conf so I wasn’t too concerned with screwing anything up. I backed up my xorg.conf and started tinkering. Read it here Quote: originally messed with Ubuntu’s native screen controls but they were having no effect. […]

Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS — a better way to install the most stable Ubuntu

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS — the distribution's first “long term support” release — now has a new installer that incorporates some 600 bug and security fixes and makes installation easier, especially on servers. Read it here Quote: The new installer — you don't really need it if you can successfully use the old installer, already have […]

DARPA Urban Challenge Winner Based on Ubuntu

The Chevy Tahoe, named Boss, used 12 Intel Core Duo CPUs to run the C++ application software comprising 200,000 lines of code and used Ubuntu 6.06 LTS as their operating system foundation. Read the short notice here

IBM Accelerates Desktop Customer Choice With Support for Ubuntu

IBM today announced that it will offer an integrated Open Collaboration Client Solution with support for Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system from Canonical Ltd. that is especially popular for desktops, laptops and thin clients. Read it here Quote: Showing strong momentum around its IBM Lotus Notes 8 and IBM Lotus Symphony-based Open Collaboration Client Solution, […]

Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS released

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS, the second maintenance release of “Dapper Drake”. This release includes updated Server installation CDs for the i386 and amd64 architectures. The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS, thesecond maintenance release of “Dapper Drake”. This release includes […]

Running Ubuntu on the Samsung Q1U UMPC

Back in October 2007 I reviewed the Samsung Q1U UMPC for While I love some features of XP Tablet, such as the handwriting recognition software, I'm not a regular user of Windows and I've been looking forward to converting the Q1U to my preferred operating system, Linux. Read it here Quote: There are many […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #74

In this issue: layout contest for, Ubuntu case studies, mugs from Germany for your Loco Team, FOSS in Egypt, and much, much more!! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 74 for the weeksJanuary 13th – January 19th, 2008. In this issue: layout contest, Ubuntu case studies, mugs from Germany for your LocoTeam, […]

PostgreSQL on Ubuntu Linux

PostgreSQL is a fully featured object-relational database management system. It supports a large part of the SQL standard and is designed to be extensible by users in many aspects. Get it in this blog Quote: Some of the features are: ACID transactions, foreign keys, views, sequences, sub queries, triggers, user-defined types and functions, outer joins, […]

Damn Small Linux: Made Me Say, "Damn It!"

It's not as bad as my title suggests. Damn Small Linux (DSL) is, in fact, pretty good. I guess it works pretty well on other people's systems — but not mine. It's a rarely-seen story about DSL: Quote: I have this 250Mb flash drive that's actually a non-functional MP3 player that died out on me. […]

Ubuntu must-have utilities

Ever since I successfully installed Ubuntu on a laptop for the second time, I got a little more adventurous about customizing a few things in Ubuntu. I am quite impressed with what I did and I think they are essential to most Ubuntu users. Read about them in this blog

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