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Successfully installed Ubuntu on another Toshiba Portege 3490CT

The plan for this laptop is the same as last time – replace the OS with Ubuntu Linux. Since I documented my previous experience on this blog, I opened my old blog post and got to work. Read it in this blog Quote: This time around, when I saw the screen about selecting the desktop […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #73

In this issue: Hardy Alpha 3 released, Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course, KDE 4.0, a new member and MOTUs, MOTU Council election, an upcoming Hug Day, Forums tutorial of the week, and much, much more!! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 73 for the week January6th – January 12th, 2008. In this issue: Hardy Alpha […]

HOWTO: Change BootSplash themes in Debian

Now here’s an easy way to change the active bootsplash theme in Debian. Most of you might have figured this out already.. but still. Here goes.. Read it in this blog

SimplyMEPIS-7.0 – Beyond Dapper!

One of the few reviews of MEPIS 7 out there: SimplyMEPIS 7.0 which was released on 23rd of December 2007, has been logically based on the immensely stable Debian Etch and will be synchronized with Debian Lenny (when it is released). Read it here Quote: What was Warren thinking about? Abandon the ship! I suppose […]

Screenshots of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Alpha 3

Phoronix and TheCodingStudio have taken a bunch of screenshots for you to enjoy See them here at Phoronix and here at TheCodingStudio

Install VMware server on Debian Etch in an Hetzner RootServer

In this tutorial I'll explain you how to install Vmware Server on Rootserver with Debian Etch OS installed. Read it here Quote: On Hetzner you have to ask the free additional subnet of IPs. With these additional IPs you can configure up to 6 IPs. Unfortunately, one of these IPs will must be used […]

Not using Ubuntu yet? Well I bet you cant do this.

Since dumping Windows I have learned a lot about Linux. Ubuntu to be specific. You should really try it if you are still using Windows. There must be 100’s of apps I might be missing here which is great. Read what this blogger gets out of it Quote: Windows comes with windows. I know that […]

Compiling Threadless SBCL for Stumpwm on Debian Sid

Here is the Debian counterpart for Compiling SBCL HOW-TO on Stumpwm Wiki. Read it in this blog Quote: The only problem I faced during the whole process was that build-deps for sbcl needed texlive and it took 597MB for diskspace and not to mention bandwidth to download the packages if you feel you can't afford […]

Setting Up Subversion And Trac As Virtual Hosts On An Ubuntu Server

This howto outlines the process by which one can set up the Subversion version control system, and have it work in tandem with Trac, the project manager for software development projects, on a server running Ubuntu (or possibly Debian). Read it at howtoforge

How To Install KDE 4.0 in Kubuntu 7.10

With all the hoopla and excitement today in regards to KDE 4.0 release I thought I would publish some instructions on installation for those that want to try it out. Read it at Ubuntu-tutorials Quote: There is a KDE 4.0 LiveCD available if you’d like to “try before you buy”, and this tutorial will install […]

ntsysv on Debian

When someone like me comes to Debian from the RedHat world, one of the first things you start to miss is ntsysv, which is a command to control which daemons are going to start with the computer and which will remain off. Read it here

Testing compiz-fusion on debian

This blogger tells us what to do and has posted several screenshots of his results. Read and see it here

Report from Debian participation, Bangalore, India, Dec 2007 is the major FLOSS-elated event in India. It is entirely runby volunteers and, in that matter, probably one of the largestvolunteer-run FLOSS conferences all over the world, with about 2600attendees this year. (this Frenglish-written report was originally meant to be shared bySam Hocevar and myself which may explain the third personlanguage. Sam hadn't enough […]

Bits from the Debian i18n Meeting (Extremadura 2007)

From December 12th to December 15th, Junta de Extremadurahosted another one of the Debian Meetings; five i18n guys sharedideas, food, buses and fun with the Debian KDE Maintainers. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Hi everybody, From December 12th to December 15th, Junta de Extremadurahosted another one of the Debian Meetings; five i18n guys sharedideas, food, […]

What is

Created and set up on 22 January 2007 by Debian Developer Holger Levsen, is a project whose purpose is to promote the Debian distribution by providing various services via that website. Debian-community, a community for debian users ! Created and set up on 22 January 2007 by Debian Developer Holger Levsen[0],[1] is a […]

Ubuntu Live – Call for Papers

O’Reilly, the organisers of Ubuntu Live, have just issued the call for papers for Ubuntu Live 2008. The theme of the event is “Taking it Further”. Read it in the blog of Mark Shuttleworth Quote: Perhaps it’s the preparation for the April LTS release, perhaps its that more and more of their apps and solutions […]

Linux users answer the call: Ubuntu wireless-adapter glitch resolved

So let me start by saying “Thank you” to all the Linux users who responded to last Friday's post on my travails trying to get Ubuntu 7.10, or “Gutsy Gibbon,” to recognize my Linksys WPC300N wireless adapter. Read it here Quote: The first suggestions I tried were the ones that didn't entail installing a new […]

$0 Laptop shakeup: Ubuntu 7.04 is gone, Wolvix Hunter 1.1.0 takes its place

After dual-booting Ubuntu (at times 7.04 and 7.10) and Debian on the $0 Laptop (Gateway Solo 1450), I've said goodbye to Ubuntu for the time being and decided to install the dependable Wolvix Hunter 1.1.0 and keep Debian Lenny Read more here Quote: But the boot process for 7.04 began stalling at something having to […]

apt-mirror with mutliple architectures on debian etch

apt-mirror supports multiple architectures but normally searching for information about it just pulls up tons of pages advertising as much. I finally found an example here off which I based my configs. Read it here Quote: I talked about this a bit in an earlier post but wanted to talk about it a bit more […]

Installing MapServer in Ubuntu

With this post I will show hot to install MapServer 4.10.3 in Ubuntu 7.10 (but this procedure should work also for previous Ubuntu versions) from repositories. Plain and simple, read it here

Stop Ubuntu / Debian Linux From Deleting /tmp Files on Boot

However, I’d like to configure my Ubuntu Server to stop deleting files from /tmp on boot due to custom configuration issue. How do I configure behavior of boot scripts to stop deleting files on boot? Read it here Quote: Users should not store files in /tmp, use /home or other partition, if you would like […]

KDE 4.0 in Debian and Ubuntu

Tomorrow is the release of KDE 4, one of the most eagerly awaited software releases for 2008, and it’s interesting to see how the various GNU/Linux distributions are coping with it. Read the comments here Quote: In Debian, they will be shipping with KDE 3.5 (most likely 3.5.9), since KDE 4 will not yet ship […]

Ubuntu Hardy Heron Alpha 3

Alpha 3 is the third in a series of milestone CD images that will bereleased throughout the Hardy development cycle. The Alpha images are known to be reasonably free of showstopper CD build or installer bugs, while representing a very recent snapshot of Hardy. Read the release announcement Quote: Pre-releases of Hardy are *not* encouraged […]

Bits from the Qt/KDE team

In December of 2007, members of the Qt/KDE team gathered in Cáceres, Spain for a meeting sponsored by the Government of Extremadura. In the following weeks, we have been working towards the goals set at that meeting, some of which have since been slightly altered. Hi folks, In December of 2007, members of the Qt/KDE […]

Ubuntu Tweak off to a good start

For years, discerning Windows users have relied on Tweak UI, a semi-official Microsoft program for system settings not available on the default desktop. Now, in the same tradition and with something of the same name, Ubuntu Tweak (UT) offers the same advantage to Ubuntu users. Read it here Quote: UT runs on Ubuntu 7.10 and […]

How to enhance Ubuntu 7.10 eye-candy with Emerald Theme Manager

This guide will show you how to setup Emerald with Ubuntu 7.10 and the default setup of compiz-fusion that now comes with Ubuntu. Get it at hacktivision: Quote: Setting up Emerald is not the easiest thing to do, but if you have made it through my other Ubuntu howtos, it should not be a problem.

How to remove the Grub Loader after deleting Ubuntu

OK, I know there isn't a legitimate reason to remove Ubuntu from a Vista dual boot, but I was low on hard disk space and I really needed it. Read the guide here Quote: So, here's what I did. I deleted the Ubuntu partition from the Vista Disk Managment Console and when I restarted the […]

Faster OpenSSH 4.7p1 in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

I ought to be able to do an http download at maximum speed between the same machines… testing, testing, downloading, testing… Holy crap! ssh is broken! Read the simple solution Quote: I’ve used this for ages to take full advantage of my Internet bandwidth when downloading large files from the USA to Australia: 320K/s vs. […]

Applying Threading Building Blocks on Debian Etch

My last post ended with me having used Debian's apt package manager to install the libtbb2 and tbb-examples packages on my Debian 4.0 (Etch) machine. When I attempted to make the examples, error messages were displayed, including missing *.h include file messages. Read more in this Intel blog Quote: Had it not been so late […]

Ubuntu for the Windows converts (for beginners)

For those of you that have taken on board their words of wisdom and you’re now reading this from your shiny, new, browny-orangey Ubuntu desktop here’s a few tips that might help you out. The tips are very varied Quote: RepositoriesFollow the links below for the extra repositories required to install the programs in this […]

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