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Ubuntu Brainstorm Site Takes the Community Pulse

Ubuntu has launched a new community feedback site, dubbed Brainstorm, where users can post ideas and suggest improvements they'd like to see in the popular Linux distribution. Read the note here and the site here And even more here Quote: Your ideas for Ubuntu interest us. Please post your ideas and vote for the ones […]

Security Support for Debian 3.1 to be terminated

Security Support for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 to be terminated on March 31st ————————————————————————The Debian Project Support for Debian 3.1 to be terminated press@debian.orgFebruary 29th, 2008———————————————————————— Security Support for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 to be terminated on March 31st One year after the release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 alias 'etch' andnearly three years after the […]

How To Change Wallpaper Easily With Wallpapoz on Ubuntu

Wallpapoz is an easy to use wallpaper changer application for GNOME. If you love to collect wallpapers, and like your desktop to change wallpaper at regular interval, then Wallpapoz is right for you. Read it here

Becoming Root User Without Password In GNU/Linux Ubuntu

Ubuntu has an excellent security tool called sudo that allows the administrator to delegate control of certain commands to certain users. But to use it you must type the sudo word before any command, and validate (and confirm) it with your system account password. Read about it at HowtoForge

Full Circle Magazine – issue #10 out now

Full Circle – the Independent Magazine for the Ubuntu Linux Community are proud to announce the release of our tenth issue. Full Circle Magazine – Issue #10 Full Circle – the Independent Magazine for the Ubuntu Linux Community are proud toannounce the release of our tenth issue. This month:* Linux Mint Install.* How-To : Compile […]

End of life for Debian 3.1

One year after the release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, codenamed ‘etch’, and nearly three years after the release of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1, security support for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 will cease at the end of March. Read it here

Bringing Debian APT to the iPhone

The iPhone (or iPod Touch) is a 667MHz computer (albeit one that is only running at 412MHz) with 128MB of RAM and between 4 and 32 GB of flash. For software, it is running a pared down Mac OS X with its standard compliment of a FreeBSD-based userland over a Darwin kernel. Read it here […]

How To Dual Boot Ubuntu Gutsy And Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.1

For the past weeks, I have been researching and testing out the possibility of dual-booting Mac OSX Leopard alongside my Ubuntu Gutsy on my laptop. Read it here Quote: My laptop has been through many rounds of partitioning, formatting, installing using various OSx86 version before I finally get Mac Leopard to work perfectly, alongside with […]

Making Ubuntu Play Nice in a Windows World

f you’re like me, your Ubuntu machine is on a network that is dominated by Windows machines. Fortunately, Ubuntu comes with some very easy and quick tweaks to help you get along nicely with your Windows counter parts. Read it here

Install Firebird 2.0.3 Database Server On Ubuntu 7.10

This tutorial explains how you can install the Firebird database server (version 2.0.3) on an Ubuntu 7.10 server. Easy and simple at HowtoForge

Debian 4.0 on Dell Latitude D505

So tried my hand at getting Linux up and running on a hand me down laptop that I’ll be doing a lot of work on. It is a Dell Latitude D505 with 1.2 Gigs of DDR ram. Read it here Quote: Started off wired to the Internet, Debian 3.1 install CD, linux26 install and everything […]

Using MySQL on Debian with Alfresco

I am assuming that you have grabbed the Alfresco Tomcat bundle (the community version). I am also assuming that you are running Debian Etch or beyond (if you are running experimental and things don’t work, that’s your mess to sort out). Read it here Quote: Yesterday I blogged about how to perform the most basic […]

Managing Services in Ubuntu, Part II: Managing Runlevels

Today, in this post, I am going to dig deeper into runlevels, as well as manipulating services in specific runlevels. I’m going to show you why you want to do this, as well as how. Read it here Quote: Ok, in my last post, I talked about what a runlevel is and what it does […]

Ubuntu Landscape systems management tool set to launch

After a six-month beta period, Canonical Ltd. is adding management muscle to Ubuntu Linux servers and desktops in the form of its Landscape systems management tool. Read it here Quote: Early next month, Canonical will officially release the Landscape suite, enabling IT managers to install, monitor, upgrade and manage servers and/or desktops with a single […]

Awstats on Debian for Website Trackking

Awstats and Webalizer are two common and widely uses software for this purpose. Here i have described configuration of Awstats on Debian. Read it here Quote: Website traffic trackking is one of the most important tasks for webmaster, hosting company and the related peoples to know the traffic pattern, bandwidth utilization, access information as well […]

Installing Nagios with Centreon/Oreon on Debian etch

I was recently tasked with setting up a host/service monitoring solution for our VM clusters, from previous experience we chose to use nagios with a centreon/oreon front end Read it here Quote: The trouble came when i went to install centreon, there is no packages for it in apt and when you go to install […]

Ministry of Finance in the Republic of Macedonia uses Debian in its servers

Miroslav Jovanovic, former head of Macedonian Ministry of Finance IT department, gave an overview of the Open Source utilisation at desktops and servers during a conference organized by the United Nations Development Programme at the capital Skopje in 2007. Read it here Quote: The department maintains several Debian GNU / Linux servers that offer printer […]

DSL 4.2: a Good Thing that Comes in Small Package

My last peek at Damn Small Linux was with version 3.4.3. I decided that it was about time to have a look at the latest release which is 4.2.5 and see what’s up. Read it here Quote: Conclusion:I have used several versions of DSL already and I would say that there are significant progresses in […]

Ubuntu tops desktop, server Linux enthusiast poll

Ubuntu is the favourite distribution of Linux for use on both desktops and servers, according to a poll of Australian open source enthusiasts. Read it here Quote: The survey showed that Ubuntu came top, followed by Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and then SUSE. Jeff Waugh said it wasn't difficult to see why Ubuntu was […]

StarCraft in Ubuntu

In keeping in step with my new found love of StarCraft, I wanted to play it on my laptop. One problem… my laptop doesn’t run on windows or mac, its powered by Ubuntu! Read it here Quote: I love running Ubuntu, and I have never found a reason why I would need windows on my […]

Setting up Acer 320U scanner in Ubuntu

I bought Acer 320U scanner long time back. I didn't use it for sometime. I thought I would start using it since my Dell All-in-one A962 printer/scanner didn't work with Ubuntu. Read it here

Ubuntu and KVM Virtualization: Understanding the Long-Term Direction

Let’s try to make sense out of the KVM virtual machine and this recent choice by Ubuntu. This choice is surprising to those of us who have been watching the Xen virtualization package become the darling of Virtual Machine world. Read the comment: Quote: So what does this choice mean to Ubuntu users? KVM is […]

Turn Ubuntu Blue Using Blubuntu

Spend a lot of time building a non-brown theme whenever you install Ubuntu? There’s a little-known theme called Blubuntu easily installable from the Ubuntu repositories that can switch every aspect of your desktop to blue. Read it here

Simple Ubuntu Desktop Backup with Backerupper

Backerupper is a simple GUI utility program to make scheduled backups of specified directories over a network. It is not intended for full system backup, but just to make archive copies of a user’s personal data. Read it at Ubuntugeek

February 2008 Ubuntu Report

Jono Bacon: I am pleased to announce that the February 2008 Ubuntu community report is out! As well as a range of general Ubuntu team reports, this report is pumped with a stack of LoCo Team reports too! Read the announcement and the report Quote: Installer TeamSeveral bugs were fixed in Ubiquity. A new timezone […]

Installing NetBeans 6.0 on Ubuntu-7.10

I followed the instructions mentioned in this NetBeans Wiki to install NB 6.0 on my ubuntu. But I feel some more information can be added to this wiki. Read about it here

Tweak Ubuntu the Easy Way

Although Ubuntu comes with excellent packages that help you alter the default settings and customize the distro for yourself, tweaking a few settings however requires you to go deeper into the system. Read it here Quote: Plus if you do something wrong, you’re probably going to end up making a mess of your Ubuntu installation. […]

Ubuntu Mobile: who cares?

The folks behind the open source community-developed operating system Ubuntu are alll excited about Ubuntu Mobile. They view this as a technology that can turn Mobile Internet Devices (their CAPS) into a “new class of computers.” Read the comment here

System76 Announces Servers with Ubuntu 7.10 and Canonical Support Services

Press release – System76 Inc., introduces the first available line of certified, pre-installed servers featuring Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition — delivering a new choice in quality server platforms. The marketing words are here Quote: Certification of System76 servers is an official endorsement by the Ubuntu project, backed by a validation and testing process conducted by […]

How I Shopped for An Ubuntu Laptop

So, I’ve been shopping for a new laptop for a few months. I’ve got an old Thinkpad T23 that is showing it’s age — both in terms of performance and functionality. Read what to look for: Quote: Exasperated, I called Lenovo per the instructions on their website — as apparently you can’t order a laptop […]

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