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February 2008 Ubuntu Report

Jono Bacon: I am pleased to announce that the February 2008 Ubuntu community report is out! As well as a range of general Ubuntu team reports, this report is pumped with a stack of LoCo Team reports too!
Read the announcement and the report


Installer Team
Several bugs were fixed in Ubiquity.

A new timezone widget was added to Ubiquity.

MD5 checking on file copy was added to Ubiquity.

Ubiquity now drops privileges where possible.

ubiquity-preserve-home was re-enabled.

The advanced page now offers a list of possible targets for grub installation.

apt-authentication-reliability landed.

Ubiquity now has a proxy option in the advanced dialog.

Several bugs were fixed in Wubi.

umenu, a replacement for WinFOSS, was added to the daily live CDs.

Several bugs were fixed in the Ubiquity Mythbuntu frontend.

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