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Mark Shuttleworth Reveals Definitive List of Ubuntu Code Names

Today, in response to numerous requests on the Ubuntu listserv, Shuttleworth made a public appearance to provide free software fans and curious onlookers with a glimpse into the future of Ubuntu development.
Weird stuff indead:


9.04 – Jovial Jackal
9.10 – Kissy Kipunji
10.04 – Loyal Lemur
10.10 – Modest Mouse * (litigation pending)
11.04 – Nifty Nematode
11.10 – Open-minded Ostrich
12.04 – Petulant Porcupine
12.10 – Queer Quailfinch
13.04 – Reputable Rhebok
13.10 – Self-actualized Shrew
14.04 – Tolerant Titmouse
14.10 – Unpretentious Umberhulk
15.04 – Virile Viper
15.10 – Xenophobic X-Ray Fish
16.04 – Yodeling Yellow-spotted Rock Hyrax
16.10 – Zealous Zebra
17.04 – Asinine Aardwolf
17.10 – Co-dependent Chimpanzee

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