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Installing Nagios with Centreon/Oreon on Debian etch

I was recently tasked with setting up a host/service monitoring solution for our VM clusters, from previous experience we chose to use nagios with a centreon/oreon front end
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The trouble came when i went to install centreon, there is no packages for it in apt and when you go to install it it asks for a bunch of paths for various nagios resources which it assumes are the standard ones but the debian install of nagios chooses to use a bunch of different paths, so for convenience here is the scripts output with the paths i set (which seems to work).

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  1. Comment by drurew — October 6, 2009 @ 8:24 am

    A way to navigate the difficulties of the centreon installation is to use the locate command in a second terminal.
    firrst use:
    # updatedb
    to update your local search database, then use:
    #locate filename.ext
    to find all instances of filename.ext

    something strange about my installation was that i find instances of nagios.cfg underr the nrpe plugin…as well as in the documentation.

    usually the file your looking for will be the top hit, as to my understanding that file is the one most used or most recently edited.

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