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Using Ubuntu as an Electronic Document Management System

Over the weekend a client phoned me as she was interested in the Knowledge Tree Document Management System. She runs a small business that provides document creation services for clients in the US and Canada, and needed an effective solution to manage her (electronic) documents. That's interesting: Quote: We will need a few components: Base […]

Wubi arrives: a look at Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 5

ArsTechnica: We tested alpha 5 to get a first look at the new features in action and to see how it compares to alpha 4, which we reviewed earlier this month. Get the impressions here Quote: One of the most significant new features added in alpha 5 is support for Wubi, a new installation mechanism […]

Ubuntu: Bridging the technology gap

In their second interview with Mark Shuttleworth, the man behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, ITPro discuss issues of interoperability and the learning curve associated with switching to Linux Read it here Quote: “It came from a request that we put a kiosk into a local science center,” says Shuttleworth. “The guys at my Foundation created […]

Simple Feature of Ubuntu 8.04 That Could Be So Important

“Install inside Windows” is a much friendlier option than restart your computer to try it out and installing a program Read about it here Quote: (FYI this feature makes use of Wubi, a program that lets you install Ubuntu automatically from Windows without partitioning.) While you will never get 100 out of 100 people to […]

Mark Shuttleworth Reveals Definitive List of Ubuntu Code Names

Today, in response to numerous requests on the Ubuntu listserv, Shuttleworth made a public appearance to provide free software fans and curious onlookers with a glimpse into the future of Ubuntu development. Weird stuff indead: Quote: 9.04 – Jovial Jackal9.10 – Kissy Kipunji10.04 – Loyal Lemur10.10 – Modest Mouse * (litigation pending)11.04 – Nifty Nematode11.10 […]

Drastically Speed up your Ubuntu System with Preload

Preload is an “adaptive readahead daemon” that runs in the background of your system, and observes what programs you use most often, caching them in order to speed up application load time. Read how to get it speeding here

Bits from the DPL: FTP assistants, marketing team, init scripts, elections

Here are a bunch of news from Sam Hocevar to the Debian Developers. Hello, dear developers. I suppose many of you are currently atFOSDEM [1], but unfortunately I could not attend the event this year.Here are some news for you anyway! FTP assistants————– I am very pleased to let you know that yesterday Peter Palfrader(weasel) […]

Massive List of Laptops That Work With Ubuntu

After a little more googling, I found a page for the Ubuntu Laptop Testing Team. This resource is incredible because it provides Make and Models of laptops and then tells you which Ubuntu releases have been tested on them, and the results. Read it here Quote: I’ve been in the market for some time, looking […]

Howto install gOS on Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu

Due to the fact that gOSleans heavy on on-line applications built on Web 2.0 and AJAX technology it also does not use much hard disk space for applications, the whole system fits comfortably in less than 2 GB of hard disk space. Read it at Ubuntugeek

Laptop with Ubuntu 7.10, Nokia N70 Modem and AIS (One-2-Call) EDGE

As I post this, I am on my laptop running Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and connecting the Internet via AIS EDGE wireless internet with my Nokia N70 mobile phone. Read what to do to get it running: Quote: For people that have my exact setup (Ubuntu Gutsy, Nokia N70 (connected via the USB cable packaged […]

Beginning Ubuntu Server Administration: From Novice to Professional

Here's a short review of the book “Beginning Ubuntu Server Administration: From Novice to Professional” Read it here Quote: Apress was kind enough to send me a copy of their new book “Beginning Ubuntu Server Administration: From Novice to Professional” by Sander van Vugt. Overall, I was very impressed with this book — it was […]

Video Streams from Fosdem

For those who are not going to FOSDEM, the DebConf video team aims to provide live streams of all talks in the Debian dev room as an oggtheora stream Hi, on behalf of Holger, I'm posting this announcement: For those who are not going to FOSDEM, the DebConf video team aims toprovide live streams of […]

Connecting GPRS From Ubuntu Gutsy

Connecting to GPRS using a Nokia Phone is not too tough in Ubuntu Gutsy. This is because the default udev rules does install the required drivers and map most of the Nokia devices to /dev/ttyACM0 Howtoforge: Quote: First of all the gnome-ppp which the experts at Saturn Labs installed was found to be buggy, as […]

Get Mac style menus on Ubuntu with Global Menu

With Global Menu, and a simple GTK hack, one can get the same interface on GNOME. It lets you use their computer differently, and yes, it makes your OSX themes more authentic Download here

Creating a Debian ARM build host

If you want/need to compile a program on ARM but are not lucky enough to have the hardware available QEMU can still help you. Aurélien Jarno has an excellent description of how to do this. Read it in this blog post

Solothurn canton migrates desktops to Debian

The administration of the Swiss canton Solothurn is migrating 2000 desktops to Debian. The switch should be completed at the end of the year, Read the scoop here Quote: The canton started thinking about a new desktop IT infrastructure in 2006. According to Bader 21 companies offered assistance, proposing several combinations of Open Source operating […]

Ubunt uessentials

I'm Ubuntu user for years now. I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to customize my Ubuntu box and how to make it better. This guide targets any Ubuntu user or any one is thinking about trying Ubuntu but it will be very useful for newbies. Part 1 This part describes for Ubuntu […]

mod_perl on Debian

I've mentioned before that I'm thinking of bringing my webhosting in-house. As part of that, I installed Debian in a virtual machine here and started configuring it to be a web server. Read about it here Quote: The first task with any unfamiliar OS is to find where they put Apache. You might look in […]

Ubuntu Hardy Alpha 5 released

Alpha 5 is the fifth in a series of milestone CD images that will bereleased throughout the Hardy development cycle. The Alpha images are known to be reasonably free of showstopper CD build or installer bugs, while representing a very recent snapshot of Hardy. Read it here Quote: Pre-releases of Hardy are *not* encouraged for […]

Threading Building Blocks Packaged into Ubuntu Hardy Heron

The spread of Threading Building Blocks (TBB) into Linux distributions is gaining momentum: TBB will be packaged into the upcoming Ubuntu Hardy Heron release. Read about it here Quote: If you’re not familiar with TBB — it’s an open source C++ template library that simplifies multithreading of applications to take advantage of modern multicore computers. […]

Virtualbox OSE on Debian GNU/Linux amd64

I use to have virtualbox installed in my machine from the packages provided by few week ago I replaced it with the OSE available from the Debian repositories. Read about it in this blog Quote: One package that wasn’t available for my architecture (amd64) was virtualbox-ose-modules.

How to dual boot Vista with Ubuntu

Let’s take a look at installing Ubuntu alongside Vista on a computer, assuming Vista is installed first as this will cover most instances. It's at vista blorge: Quote: You don’t even have to create a dual boot system with Linux, in this case, Ubuntu. It can be installed by itself without Vista or any other […]

Canonical partners with IBM for closed source database

Ubuntu sponsor Canonical has announced that it is reselling IBM’s DB2 Express-C database as both a standalone software package and as a software appliance with VMware. Read it here Quote: DB2 Express-C is available as a free download from th Ubuntu repositories for Ubuntu 7.10 or later, while users have to register to be sent […]

Linux on a stick part 3: Ubuntu 7.10 'simplified'

After reading about syslinux it suddenly dawned on me I was still making it too hard to transfer Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD from CD to thumb drive. Read it here Quote: The key difference is copying all the files in the isolinux directory on the Ubuntu LiveCD to the root of the thumb drive, and renaming […]

Get your multimedia on in Knoppix

The Hackszine blog points out a free excerpt from O'Reilly's new book, Knoppix Hacks, which details how to listen to and edit audio, burn CDs and DVDs, and watch video and TV with Knoppix Get the PDF here

The Top 100 Ubuntu Linux Partners

Our resident blogger has launched a global survey that will identify 100 of the world’s top Ubuntu integrators, solutions providers, VARs and channel partners. Read it here Quote: Companies that appear on the Ubuntu 100 list will receive free, high-profile publicity on our media sites (All About Ubuntu, MSPmentor and The VAR Guy) and across […]

How to use your Nokia to connect to the Internet in Ubuntu

So, to ease the pain, here’s a how to use your Nokia to connect to the Internet in Ubuntu. I’m using Ubuntu Gutsy Beta 4 and a Nokia N82. Everything should be pretty much the same for older Ubuntu versions and other Nokias. Read it in this blog Quote: OS X is without a doubt […]

Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) On Ubuntu 7.10 Server

This guide will walk you through the setup process for implementing NDT running under Ubuntu 7.10 server. For those unfamiliar with NDT, it is a network performance testing application. NDT will measure the throughput between your server and the desktops that you run the java client from. Read it at HowtoForge

Configure the Update Manager in Ubuntu Linux

This guide will explain howto control how often the update manager runs, or howto set the update manager in Ubuntu to automatically install updates. Read it here

Planning for Ubuntu 8.10ish – The Intrepid Ibex

And so I'd like to introduce you to the Intrepid Ibex, the releasewhich is planned for October 2008, and which is likely to have theversion number 8.10. Read the announcement here Quote: A particular focus for us will be pervasive internet access, theability to tap into bandwidth whenever and wherever you happen tobe. No longer […]

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