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Linux on a stick part 2: Ubuntu 7.10

I finally figured out a fairly simple way create a bootable Ubuntu 7.10 LiveUSB stick. Here are the simple details I came up with to set up and configure a very minimal Ubuntu 7.10 Live USB thumb drive. Read it here Quote: Just for grins and giggles I mounted the Hardy Herron (8.04) Alpha 4 […]

Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu in three steps

For those a little intimidated by the idea of installing something like VirtualBox on their computers here is a very simple three-step process to getting VirtualBox running on Ubuntu (or most other distros). Read it at Tectonic: Quote: One of the more common suggestions from readers following the article on my personal must-have apps for […]

Looking at Mepis 7 through Enterprise Linux Desktop Eyes

Mepis is mostly Debian based, and it's core concept is to make Linux easier to use. It uses Synaptic for package management, and supplies a few utilities like a X configuration tool to make a few of the overlooked parts of Linux easier to set up. The full review tells us: Quote: Sometimes going off-label […]

Dell adds new notebook to Ubuntu lineup

Dell is bringing its latest Ubuntu-powered laptop, the Inspiron 1525, to the Europeans first. Americans will need to wait until later in February for Dell's newest Ubuntu Linux computer Read it at Desktoplinux Quote: In its Windows incarnation, the 1525 comes with either the next-to-useless Vista Home Basic or the far more popular Vista Home […]

Anatomy Of A Debian Package

Learn about the internal structure of Debian/Ubuntu packages and how to create them, starting with disection of a binary package and then going through the process of creating your own package using various build helper scripts to automate much of the process. The video is here

Running Debian GNU/Linux from an encrypted USB drive

A bootable USB drive can run a mainstream Linux distribution such as Debian GNU/Linux, and can be secured, personalised, upgraded, and otherwise modified to suit your needs. Read about it at Quote: To try setting up a bootable USB drive, you need a computer with an Internet connection, an optical drive to boot from, […]

Tweak Ubuntu for peak performance

…I poked around the Linux forums a little bit and found out that I could work even faster in Ubuntu by changing some default settings, and using a few of the OS's unique keyboard shortcuts. Get the tips here Quote: Start at the beginning by disabling the auto-start Ubuntu apps that you don't need. For […]

Free as in Free Lunch (or Beer, definitely not Speech)

Here's a small article about using an old PC and Ubuntu as basis for hosting a simple home page, which leads to three other components – a wiki, a blog, and a content distribution system. Read it here Quote: My server (this information is listed in the GPS.TechnicalInformation page on my web site wiki), uses […]

Introducing Ubuntu: Desktop Linux book review

For Introducing Ubuntu: Desktop Linux to impress me, it had to offer something new and unique, and it had to successfully address the reality of introducing a new operating system to a computer user. I'm impressed with the scope of the book's coverage on frequently encountered Linux problems, but I don't think this book was […]

Ubuntu Developer Week begins

Ubuntu Developer Week is a series of online workshops where you can: learn about different packaging techniques, find out more about different development teams, check out the efforts of the world-wide Development Community, participate in open Q&A sessions with Ubuntu developers and more Read about the week and see the timetable

Ubuntu Wireless Security – WPA1, WPA2, LEAP, etc.

I'd like to come up with my first HOWTO and explain how I was able to configure a secure home network using WPA2, the latest encryption & authentication standard. There are also other types of configuration (WPA1, mixed mode, LEAP, PEAP, DHCP, etc.) Read it in this thread Quote: Common stumbling blocks – Make sure […]

Installing Ubuntu(s) on a Windows 98-era Laptop

Keeping EOL'ed products like Win2000 or … gulp … WinME is also a really bad idea. I set about finding something for him. He volunteered that he was open to Ubuntu, which I had installed on some mutual friends' computers. Lets try it here Quote: The specs are as follows: A Pentium II PE 300 […]

Why Ubuntu Needs to Charge for (some) Software

You see people just don’t trust things that are free. They have been conditioned to believe that ‘you get what you pay for’ and hence find it hard to see the value of free software. Read the comment in this blog Quote: If you read through the comments of the article you come to another […]

Installing Trac on a virtual server running Ubuntu

I wanted a Trac installation running on Linux that I could take with me to a new project, if necessary. So I entered the world of Virtual Severs, Linux Distributions, Apache HTTP configursations and Trac packages. Read how to do it here: Quote: The first thing I did was creating a new virtual machine in […]

Installing (K)Ubuntu In Ubuntu With VMware Server

To facilitate testing on both GNOME and KDE desktop concurrently, I decide to install Kubuntu on my VMware Server. Here is a guide on how I install Kubuntu on Ubuntu with VMware Server. Read the weird stuff here

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #78

In this issue we cover Developer week, MOTU Freeze Team, Hardy Alpha 5, Hug Day, PulseAudio, and, asalways, much, much more! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 78 for the weeksFebruary 10th – February 16th, 2008. In this issue we cover DeveloperWeek, MOTU Freeze Team, Hardy Alpha 5, Hug Day, PulseAudio, and, asalways, much, […]

Using ndiswrapper in Ubuntu 7.10 to configure Atheros AR5006EG

There don't seem to be any native drivers available for this card in Ubuntu, so to get it to work one needs to use ndiswrapper which implements windows APIs in the Linux kernel, allowing windows drivers to be used. Read it here Quote: Unfortunately it isn't as simple as using the package manager to install […]

Bits from the Debian Eee PC team

In the past few months in the Debian-EeePC team, a number of interesting things have been happening – Progress has been made to ensure the Eee's drivers get merged upstream. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 [1]Bits from the Debian Eee PC team In the past few months in the [2]Debian-EeePC team, a number of interesting […]

Google Talk with VOIP on Ubuntu Gutsy

I Googled around a bit and then eventually came across Jabbin. Jabbin is a Jabber (google it up) client that primarily focuses on VOIP, and supports Google Talk Voip. Read it here Quote: One of the things that I missed the most was Google Talk, I was able to setup Pidgin for Google Talk but […]

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated

The Debian project is pleased to announce the third update of itsstable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename etch). This updatemainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release,along with a few adjustment to serious problems. ————————————————————————The Debian Project GNU/Linux 4.0 updated press@debian.orgFebruary 17th, 2008———————————————————————— Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated The Debian project is […]

Mounting Gmail with gmailfs on Ubuntu 7.10, without being root

Google is now offering more than 6 gigs of storage for every gmail account. Never dreamt of using this space as a remote disk ? Read it here

Ubuntu Linux on Thinkpad T61

I've been unimpressed with Windows Vista on my new Thinkpad T61 so I decided to give Ubuntu Linux a try, despite the fact that there are a few programs I would be missing Read it here Quote: In the end, I'm beginning to feel like this is the best laptop hardware I've ever owned but […]

Linux, take 14 (Ubuntu 7.10 Review)

I went through 5-10 distros in all after that, maybe once a year I’d give it another shot. I tried RedHat again, Fedora, Gentoo, Mandrake, Debian, Gentoo again, and then Ubuntu Read it in this this blog Quote: Last week, I installed Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon. I also had an epiphany that the names of […]

Where is Ubuntu headed, and why are Linux users upset?

Ubuntu has great stuff like HAL and D-Bus, and there are a million processe whose names I am familiar with but which I am clueless on how to fix. Long-time Linux users like myself find that the system has grown increasingly complex and more difficult to manage. Read it here Quote: This post is not […]

Commercial Ubuntu

I just read a post by Bruce Byfield, where he raises an interesting question: after the fact that Canonical will try and offer commercial software from a specific repository, would anyone use it? Read the rest of the comment here Quote: But why doesn't he see that this service may not be different from other […]

Setting up mod_rewrite in Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibon

Mod_rewrite is a very important library to enable search engine friendly URLs in apache web server. Almost every framework takes advantage of this mod to make user experience more colorful while browsing a page. Read the guide here

Mail server setup for Debian etch

There are a lot of good free email services out there but I am not satisfied with their spam filters. I am getting about 300 spam mails a day and with my current solution only one of them makes it into my inbox per month. Read it here Quote: The second reason is that I […]

Zabbix 1.4.4 From Source On Debian Etch

This guide will walk you through installing Zabbix 1.4.4 from source on Debian Etch. 1.4.4 has many improvements over what is currently available in apt, and it's not hard so you might as well do it this way. Read it here Quote: this walkthrough assumes that you will be running the zabbix database on the […]

Measuring Ubuntu's Boot Performance

In this article, we are looking at Ubuntu's boot performance for the past five releases through the use of Bootchart for measuring its boot time, disk throughput, and the running processes. Read it here Quote: Even with many new features and additions appearing in every new Ubuntu release, it's gratifying to see the boot time […]

KnowledgeTree Document Management System On Ubuntu 7.10 Server

This guide will walk you through installing the KnowledgeTree Document Management System on Ubuntu 7.10 Server. This guide does not include any pictures. I just felt with this type of install, that they were not warranted. Yet another guide at howtoforge Quote: After you have installed Ubuntu 7.10 Server (remember – a base installation; do […]

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