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If you're broke and need a decent computer, Ubuntu Linux may be for you

Dayton Daily News: “The Ubuntu version is one of the most popular among folks seeking computing power for home and office tasks such as word processing, Web browsing and working with spreadsheets. ” Read it from a less technical point of view Quote: Ubuntu will walk you through the installation. If you are uncertain about […]

How To Set Up Oracle ASM on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

I’ve recently moved to Ubuntu Linux, and this post describes my attempt to play around with Oracle ASM on Ubuntu. For this demonstration, I used Oracle on Gutsy Gibbon. Read it here

Reduce Apache's Load With lighttpd On Debian Etch

Lighttpd, sometimes pronounced “Lighty”, is a lightweight HTTP server that can help alleviate Apache's load by serving static content. Since Lighttpd uses less resources per request than Apache, it generally serves most static content faster than Apache. Read it at HowtoForge

Interview: Debian made this developer unhappy

One look at Matthew Garrett and you start wondering: is this the guy who caused such a big furore in the FOSS community in September 2006 when he made plain his reasons for leaving the Debian GNU/Linux project after four years as a developer? Read the interview here Quote: What was it that surprised you […]

Extremadura 2008 Debian Work Meetings

This year (just like 2006 and 2007) we have the opportunity tohold four work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, sponsored by theregional government. They will take place in April, June, September and November. Hi! This year (just like 2006 and 2007) we have the opportunity tohold four work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, sponsored by theregional government. […]

Ubuntu's Upstart event-based init daemon

Because the traditional System V init daemon (SysVinit) does not deal well with modern hardware, including hotplug devices, USB hard and flash drives, and network-mounted filesystems, Ubuntu replaced it with the Upstart init daemon. Read more about it at

Installing Imagick extension for PHP in Ubuntu 7.10

I have spent couple of hours today to figure out what I did wrong and Why I cant build that extension. Finally I’ve figured out that I must install ImageMagick from source first to build that extension. Read it here

Installing the Jaws CMS on Ubuntu 7.10

Jaws is a content management system that utilizes a PHP framework with a MySQL back end. I have been looking for a good CMS for a little while now, but what attracted me to Jaws was its simplicity and appearance. Read it here Quote: The system being used was built upon the “The Perfect Server […]

xen with grub2 on debian etch

At work we’ve recently spent some time trying to setup a debian virtual server system using xen with grub2, we had to use the very experimental grub2 for its GPT/EFI partition support that lets us use disks over 2 terabytes (we need 5) in size. Read it in this blog

How to get the Debian Menu back in Ubuntu 7.10

I’ve been hearing recently that lots of folks have been facing near insurmountable difficulties in getting Ubuntu 7.10 to display the Debian Menu properly under Applications. I’m here to help you all surmount. Read it at Arsgeek

In Defense and Praise of Debian

Every now and then, someone suggests that Debian GNU/Linux should be more commercial. To further this goal, some create derivative distros like Linspire, Ubuntu, or Xandros, or organizations like the stillborn DCC Alliance. Read it here Quote: Or look at any random collection of SourceForge projects; if they bother to provide native packages at all, […]

Ubuntu users get easy access to Windows apps

Canonical will on Thursday begin making commercial applications available to Ubuntu users directly through the desktop, in a step designed to simplify software installation. Read it here Quote: The company is making Parallels Workstation for Linux available to users via the operating system's built-in software update tool, using a feature called the Ubuntu Partner Repository. […]

Mandriva Directory Server On Debian Etch

This document describes how to set up the Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) on Debian Etch. The resulting system provides a full-featured office server for small and medium companies – easy to administer via the web-based Mandriva Management Console (MMC). Go to Howtoforge Quote: Main FeaturesEasy administration via MMC System wide OpenLDAP integration SAMBA Primary Domain […]

Sync your iPhone with Ubuntu Linux

As first noted by French iPhone blog Le blog iPhone, Ubuntu has posted a community document explaining how to wirelessly sync music with the iPhone (or iPod Touch) from within the Ubuntu 7.10 distro. Read the comment or go straight to the source Quote: Amarok and gtkpod can wirelessly sync music with iPod Touch and […]

Will Ubuntu Become Bigger Than Linux?

Now don’t get all crazy on me. I’m not insinuating that Ubuntu isn’t Linux nor am I saying it is the only distro out there that is worth a look. With that said, it does seem that Ubuntu is becoming a name that may become as recognizable as Linux it self. The thoughts are blogged […]

Ubuntu makes it easy for parallel virtualization

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, will announce on Feb. 6 that it's making Parallels Workstation for Linux available to users through the Ubuntu Partner Repository. Read the story at DesktopLinux

Windows software versus Ubuntu software

Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, today i would like to share the comparison of Windows and Ubuntu software that i found in melayubuntu blog. Read the english version here

"WEphone" spells "Debian" in plaid

The touchphone-based “W.E. Phone” runs Google Apps on top of the Android Java stack on top of Debian. Read about it at Linuxdevices Quote: The phone also appears set to ship with Google Apps, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs (for documents, spreadsheets and presentations), Google Talk instant messaging and VoIP, and Google Start Page. […]

Ubuntu 8.04: Hardly worth a yawn

Simply put, “Hardy” is nothing more than “me-tooism” run amok. I mean, how many Windows Vista features do you need to rip-off before someone calls you a “copycat?” Read it here Quote: To be fair, Ubuntu 8.04 will likely be a fine OS, one that further strengthens the community's case against Microsoft on the desktop. […]

New Theme for Ubuntu 8.04 Deferred

The completely new theme for Ubuntu 8.04 has been deferred to the following release. The original plan was to have a fresh theme for every long-term-support release, starting with Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. Now it has been decided to put off the redesign until Ubuntu 8.10. Read the comment here Quote: It’s disappointing that there […]

Ubuntu to Mepis

So just last week, after I finished up my last midterm of the week, I installed Mepis 7.0 on an extra partition I had on my hard drive. Previously, I’ve been running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. Read it here Quote: Mepis is based on Debian, which is great since I love Debian’s package management, and it […]

The perfect light Debian with Fluxbox

Here I will show how do I configured my Laptop with Debian Lenny, and just the necesary software for my job while abroad. Read it here Quote: The base systemI started with The base system of Debian Etch, but be sure to install only the base system not the Desktop environment. Once this is done, […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #76

In this issue we cover: Hardy Alpha 4 released, Server Team focuses on KVM, new Ubuntu banners for your website or blog, new MOTU and Council elections results, Hug Day 5 February 2008, a new Ubuntu based distro, and much, much more!! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 76 for the weeksJanuary 27th – […]

Easily build a Debian xen kernel package without PAE

When it comes to building custom parts for my current flavor of Linux distribution I am a bit of a purist and prefer to work withing the distributions package management framework. Have your fun here

Debian and Ubuntu

Ubuntu seems to be the latest, greatest thing in the world of operating systems. But with newbs you bring ignorance, and there are a couple things I’ve been seeing that are kind of ridiculous. Read it in this blog Quote: In fact, this point has been the source of some unfavorable feelings toward Ubuntu by […] on Ubuntu Gutsy: smooth as rabbit fur

The Linux client for is free of cost, as in beer – free of restrictions, as in open source and free of hard work, as in a no-sweat installation utilizing the Debian packages and apt package management that’s core to Ubuntu Read it here Quote: To this end I’ve been seeking free and semi-free […]

The Evolution of an Ubuntu EeePC

Enter Ubuntu on the EeePC. Not only did it install quickly and easily on the miniature hardware, but it seems to be the first Linux distro that actually works on par with a modern OS like OSX. Read the impressions here Quote: Once the core OS was installed, all it took was the help of […]

Debian and corporate support

The conclusion of Steven J. Vaughan’s analisys, it seems, is that Debian is inmature. I will attempt to respond to it from a Debian perspective. Read the blog response here Quote: Our value is our strong, technically-capable user-developer base. Thousands of enthusiasts working together in furthering our goals. In the article you seem surprised that […]

Ubuntu/Canonical not helping "us" compute?

Needless to say this petition is about the domain name and hopefully enough of us will sign it so that Ubuntu/Canonical will give “us” permission to promote ourselves and them as well. Read the text of the petition here

release update: release team, blockers, architectures, schedule, goals

Some time has passed since our last release update and there are some important points to communicate in order to get lenny in shape for release. Hi, Some time has passed since our last release update and there are someimportant points to communicate in order to get lenny in shape forrelease. New Release Assistants~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We are […]

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