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Encrypted swap partition on Debian

Encrypting a swap partition however is slightly tricky if one wants to also support suspend-to-disk (also called hibernation). Read it here

How to fix the Debian Lenny bug in which Epiphany always starts in "working offl

I'm just a user and wordy blogger, and I find it fascinating to learn how bugs are dealt with in software projects like Debian. Read it here Quote: Here it is: If you launch the Epiphany browser, and can't get a Web page to come up (or you get a version of the page from […]

Looking Back on Debian 1.3

Back at the tender age of 12 I picked up a magazine at the Base Exchange. This magazine contained a CD. This CD contained Debian 1.3. Read the trip down memory lane here: Quote: That is what made Linux so exciting for me. It looked kind of like those funny Sun boxes and it was […]

First Call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2008

Now it starts. This is the first call for votes for the Debian Project Leader election 2008. Hi, FIRST CALL FOR VOTES FOR THE DEBIAN PROJECT LEADER ELECTION 2008 ===== ==== === ===== === === ====== ======= ====== ======== ==== Voting period starts 00:00:01 UTC on Sunday, March 30th, 2008 Votes must be received by […]

How To Set Up SSH With Public-Key Authentication On Debian Etch

This mini-howto explains how to set up an SSH server on Debian Etch with public-key authorization (and optionally with disabled password logins). Read it here Quote: SSH is a great tool to control Linux-based computers remotely. It's safe and secure. There's no warranty that it'll work for you. All of these settings are applicable for […]

How To Install ImpressCMS 1.0 Final On Debian Etch

This document at HowtoForge describes how to set up ImpressCMS 1.0 Final On Debian Etch. Read it here Quote: This howto is a practical guide without any warranty – it doesn't cover the theoretical backgrounds. There are many ways to set up such a system – this is the way I chose.

Building IcedTea6 on Debian etch (stable)

As those who’ve had the unfortunate luck of being in our IRC channel over the past few days will know, I’ve been trying to build IcedTea6 on our Debian etch server again. Read the troubles here Quote: That done, you should be able to run make and hopefully reach the message that IcedTea is served. […]

Reality crashes Google hippie code fest

You just have to love The Register: “There's concern inside the Debian Linux project that members participating as GSOC students spent too much time on their existing Debian tasks rather than GSOC projects in past years” Read the entire scoop: Quote: There's concern inside the Debian Linux project that members participating as GSOC students spent […]

ClearSilver PHP module on Debian based systems

The PHP ClearSilver extension by my friend and colleague Homme Zwaagstra enables you to use the ClearSilver template language in conjunction with PHP. Read what to do here

Knoppix 5.3.1 adds KDE 4.0 option

Klaus Knopper has announced the release of version 5.3.1 of the popular Knoppix distribution. Among the changes in this release are a distribution upgrade to Lenny, the Debian testing release. I saw it at TecTonic and the changelog is here Quote: * V5.3.1-2008-03-26 (see also: Release Notes at– Dist-upgrade to Debian/lenny (testing+unstable)– Changed initial […]

Debian Installed Relatively Painlessly on my Sony Laptop

I am sure this will excite many of our normal readers, but I have finally (after four years) switched my laptop to Linux. … Perhaps if I had a better window manager for windows, I would have been alright, but anyway… Read about it here Quote: I have a Sony PCG-V505DC2 for those search engines […]

Debian Linux powers science education device

An education supplies company has announced a portable science education computer that runs embedded Debian Linux. Read it at LinuxDevices Quote: The following are some of the key features of the Spark system:Processor — Marvell PXA270, 320Mhz Memory — 1GB flash memory Display — 5.7-inch 640 x 480 color touchscreen USB — 2 x USB […]

Netgear WG111 on Debian Lenny with ndiswrapper

Here's a short guide to get Netgear WG111 running on Debian Lenny with ndiswrapper Read it here Quote: Plug WG111 and type lsusb to verify hardware is plugged. You should get something like:Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0000:0000 NetGear, Inc. WG111 WiFi (v2)Bus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:0000Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000Bus 002 Device […]

DSL v4.3 RC1

The first release candidate for Damn Small Linux 4.3 have been released. Read the announcement here Quote: Change log for v4.3RC1 * Updated murgaLua to v0.6.6.* Updated nano-tiny to v2.0.7.* Updated and consolidation of mydslBrowser with new mydslBrowser.lua.* New picture puzzle added to Games collection. * New calculator.lua replaces calcoo.* Optomized minirt24.gz – much smaller.* […]

Debian Installer Lenny Beta1 Screenshots

The Coding studio have posted another bunch of pictures of the Debian Installer Lenny Beta1 . Start here

Installing Debian From Ubuntu or any other GNU/Linux

This post is about how to install Debian GNU Linux from your hard disk, with the help of your Ubuntu GNU Linux operating system and without using CDrom, floppy, or any other removeable media. Read it here Quote: Then I tried to install Debian from hard disk and it worked smoothly. I think you can […]

Rescuing Collectible Sun Equipment with Debian Linux

A while back, we bought a Sun Ultra 5 workstation with a winning bid of about $20.00 or so. It has a 360 MHz SPARC processor, 128 Meg of RAM, and an eight gigabyte harddrive. And then for getting Debian to run on it Quote: Depending on your particular machine, you might be able to […]

HowTo: Set A Default Browser in Debian

Let's just say that you are a newbie like me. I know its easy to set a default browser in Debian but hey, I get to write about my experience on learning something new right? Read in this blog what to do

XWiki On Debian 4 (Etch) – Tomcat – MySQL

XWiki is a professional wiki with enterprise features such as blog, strong rights management, LDAP authentication, PDF export, full skining and more. HowtoForge has the guide Quote: It also includes an advanced form and scripting engine making it a development environment for data-based applications. It has powerful extensibility features such as scripting in pages, plugins […]

DPL Debate Schedule and Rules

Don't forget, the DPL Debate will be on IRC in #debian-dpl-debate (OFTC) at 20:30 UTC, March 26th 2008, ending at 23:30UTC, March 26th 2008. Don't forget, the DPL Debate will be on IRC in #debian-dpl-debate (OFTC) at 20:30 UTC, March 26th 2008, ending at 23:30UTC, March 26th 2008. Discussion of the debate will […]

APT Howto

It's been a while since we had one of these – here's a howto for apt. Read more here Quote: A new dilemma quickly took hold of the minds of the makers of GNU/Linux. They needed a rapid, practical, and efficient way to install packages that would manage dependencies automatically and take care of their […]

Debian Installer Tutorial

If you like your turials with lots of screenshot, this is the best Debian installer guide you'll find! Enjoy it here

Google SoC 2008 – we're in, mentors and students needed!

I've been notified that Debian has been accepted again as one of thementoring organisations for this year's Google Summer of Code. According to the timeline for this year's programme, we have a fewdays to get set up and ready. I've been notified that Debian has been accepted again as one of thementoring organisations for this […]

MepisGuides – Wireless Walkthrough

There are two ways to handle wireless connections under Mepis 7. So lets get started. Read the guide here Quote: Okay, here we go. As mentioned in the previous post, is out for I don't know how long. So, I'm going to start posting some guides here, like I've done with Tabula Rasa. Because […]

OpenLDAP installation on Debian

By the end of this guide, you will have a functional LDAP server that will serve as a central authentication system for user logins onto all machines in the network, without the need to manually create users' accounts on individual machines Read it at allways excellent Debian Administration

Asterisk on the Linksys NSLU2 running Debian

My NSLU2 is running Debian Etch. I’ve installed Asterisk from the Debian repositories (apt-get install asterisk), however it’s a memory hog out of the box. When (re)starting Asterisk, the load average would go up to 10. Read about it here Quote: You can reduce Asterisk memory footprint by unloading unnecessary modules (located in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules).You can […]

DebConf8 Registration closes soon

Registration for DebConf8, which will take place in Mar del Plata from Sunday 10 to Saturday 16 August 2008, will soon close, the registration deadline is end of this month, thats only about two weeks left. DebConf8 Registration——————— Registration for DebConf8, which will take place inMar del Plata from Sunday 10 to Saturday 16 August […]

Debian Installer Lenny Beta1

The Debian Installer team is pleased to announce the first beta ofDebian Lenny's Installer. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 The Debian Installer team is pleased to announce the first beta ofDebian Lenny's Installer. This is the first release since Etch and the whole team has been hardat work during the past 11 months to make […]

Update on Knoppix 5.3.1 status

Here is our TODO list between Cebit and the Knoppix 5.3.1 release for which we have an internal release date of “not later than 22.3.2008”. Read the update from Klaus Knopper

Very simple NAT set-up on Debian

Many people ask me how to set up network address translation (NAT), aka. IP masquerading on a Debian (Etch) box. There are different ways of doing this, but this just works. Read the guide here

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