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Samba And Ldap On Debian

Here's a guide for how to install Samba And Ldap On Debian easy and quickly. Read it in the pdf file on this page

A Practice on LIBSVM Example in Debian Etch Using Java

The goal for writing this page is to record step-by-step instructions of an example in the paper above using Java version in Debian Etch. So, this record will be used as a reference for my future review on LIBSVM. Read it shortly in this blog

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK, uses a Debian cluster for human genome sequ

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, South Cambridgeshire, UK, runs a 640+ cores Debian GNU / Linux cluster with 1.5 Petabytes of storage, being 320 Terabytes of “live data”, like a giant memory swap partition. Read it at Debian Times Quote: Given that the human DNA has 3 billion bases, and each sampled 2640 bases fragment […]

SimplyMepis 6.5 review

Here we are again, another day and another newly released distro. This time I'm investigating the popular SimplyMepis 6.5 which seems to have a thriving community and a strong base of supporters so it seems only right to give this new release the normal treatment. Read it at DistroReview Quote: OverallOverall it's great. SimplyMepis takes […]

KNOPPIX 5.3.0 Cebit edition

As announced on, the first edition of Knoppix 5.3.0 is included in c't magazine 06/2008 issued during CeBIT 2008. After CeBIT, Version 5.3 will be available on the Knoppix-Mirrors for Download, mostly unchanged. Read the announcement here Quote: Linux Kernel 2.6.24, KDE 3.5.8 with compiz-fusion as 3D-window manager, Updates: cloop 2.624 realtime decompression with […]

JBoss on Debian quickstart

In this first post I’ll just show you how to get JBoss AS up and running. In later posts I’ll get into more details, and show you how to set up things like JBoss Portal. Read it here

Release Update: Release numbering, goals, armel architecture, BSPs

There haven't been any changes in our release schedule. Please note that we want to release lenny in *6 months*, so only uploadsoftware that you can (and will) stabilize until then. Please refer to our last release update [2] for a full schedule. Note that this means we are entering the very soft freeze now. […]

Get the newest GIMP for Ubuntu and family

Due to a library conflict, Ubuntu users are bound to version 2.2 up to now. 8.4 will change that, but that is still some time ahead. Read it here Quote: I used GetDeb in the past but have now installed a new repository for Gimp and other problematic software. It’s run by Oliver Schmidtke – […]

PHP programming on Ubuntu 7.10

We can do PHP programming by any text editor, such as vi and nano. However, a Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is good for debugging. Read how to set it all up here Quote: For IDE, I choose EasyEclipse for LAMP and it is not required to install. Download it and double click it to run. […]

Debian – NVIDIA drivers

Here is a quick and easy tutorial about how to install NVIDIA drivers as simply as possible. Read it here

Debian Project Leader Elections 2008: Call for nominations

According to the constitution (5.2. Appointment), project leader elections should begin “six weeks before the leadership post becomes vacant, or (if it is too late already) immediately.” Hi, According to the constitution (5.2. Appointment), project leader elections should begin “six weeks before the leadership post becomes vacant, or (if it is too late already) immediately.” […]

Chrooting Apache2 With mod_chroot On Debian Etch

This guide explains how to set up mod_chroot with Apache2 on a Debian Etch system. With mod_chroot, you can run Apache2 in a secure chroot environment and make your server less vulnerable to break-in attempts that try to exploit vulnerabilities in Apache2. Read it at HowtoForge

Extending Ubuntu's Battery Life

While an additional three battery cells will noticeably extend your battery life, you can also extend your battery life by taking a few simple steps to optimize your Linux desktop that will also reduce your power consumption and heat output. Get the tips here Quote: One of the great power-saving advancements of recent times was […]

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Alpha 5

I place a lot of importance on Ubuntu (maybe unfairly) because I consider it to be the poster child of “usable linux” and it inherits the pressures associated with that role. So, with that in mind let's see what this alpha 5 release is showing. Read it here Quote: While this is a test release […]

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