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Beyond Synaptic – using apt for better package management

I’m a Debian user and—like many—I use apt and its associated tools. If you haven’t yet discovered apt here’s a brief summary of some of it and some of its tools which can make your package management even more powerful.
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I’ll start with a brief history lesson. The ‘Advanced packaging tool’ was introduced in 1998 and first included in a Debian release (2.1 or slink) in 1999. There is no single apt application to speak of, instead it’s a series of tools and functions originally designed as a front-end to dpkg — the software at the heart of Debian’s package management (it now also support RPM backends). There are several front-ends to apt itself including: Synaptic, aptitude and Adept but I want to look specifically at the base command-line tools—not that there’s anything wrong with the front-ends.

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