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Debian: We're not looking for commercial fortune

Elected Debian project leader on 17 April, Steve McIntyre is the man charged with leading the organisation to the next level. McIntyre found some time to talk through his vision of where the Debian project is headed.
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Debian author Ian Murdoch was also a founding director of the Open Source Initiative. Why do you think he saw the need for a new flavour of Linux with the particular look, feel and structure of Debian?
Ian started the project back in 1993 to make a new, openly developed, Linux-based distribution. He was very much inspired by the ideals of the GNU Project and the Linux developers at the time. He believed there was a place for a new OS developed in the same manner, designed by dedicated volunteers for themselves and everybody else to use. In many ways Debian has changed and evolved hugely over the years, but that core spirit is still the same.

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