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Mobitel 3G with Huawei E220 on Debian

Finally I decided to shift my mobile Internet connectivity from GPRS to HSDPA by getting a Mobitel 3G broadband connection. Read about it here Quote: Huawai E220 is known to work out of the box on Linux after 2.6.20. However, some of the most recent kernels seems to have a conflict with the USB mass […]

Awesome: apt-get install movabletype-opensource

Movable Type just got a whole lot easier to install for Debian users thanks to newly available Debian packages. Read about it here Quote: But what makes this addition to the Movable Type Open Source Project so great is not the fact that installing Movable Type can now be as simple as typing “apt-get install […]

Release Update: architecture status, release goal status, BSPs

It's that time again where you get to hear the progress of our lovelydistribution, and what we're doing to get it out on the streets on time. Hi, It's that time again where you get to hear the progress of our lovelydistribution, and what we're doing to get it out on the streets on time. […]

WordPress/Debian woes

I suspect that the WordPress package in Debian stable is not really well maintained and vulnerable, so I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 by backporting the unstable package. This was a very smooth process. Read the guide here

Debian on EEEpc 2

The new release from the Debian EEE PC Team is simply great – it works flawlessly to install a fully functional Debian install onto an EEE PC over wireless. You only need a 16 Mb USB stick (or SD card) to boot from. Read it commented here Quote: The only remaining bug that people are […]

HP Rolls Out Desktop Thin Clients

HP has released two new desktop thin client products, called the Compaq t5730 and the t5735. Based on Debian Linux, the HP Compaq t5735 supports a variety of open source applications. Read about it here Quote: For customers who need an easy-to-use deployment tool with basic capabilities, exclusive HP ThinState Tools are included with every […]

Second call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2008

At the time of writing, staring into the second week of the vote, we have the the following statistics gathered at the beginning of the week… Hi, At the time of writing, staring into the second week of the vote, we have the the following statistics gathered at the beginning of the week: |——+——–+——–+——-+——–+———+——–+——–| | […]

Surveying the Debian community

As a Debian developer I have on occasion felt a bit out of touch with doing things with Debian and out of touch with other users. Partially as a result of those feelings and partially because I thought it would be an interesting thing to do, I started to prepare a couple of simple surveys […]

Building a debian firewall on a CF card

I currently have an OpenBSD firewall running on an ancient 286. I have a mini-itx board, CF/IDE converter and a CF card and have been intending to upgrade to Debian See it here Quote: However – rather than OpenBSD I'm going to try for debian (since I know that much better). This post will end […]

Debian Hosting Providers

If you have been into hosting business as in reselling or were hired as a system administrator then you would definitely value decent providers such as the mentioned above. Read it here Quote: During my tech-life I had to deal with number of Web Hosting providers and truth to be said I have had extremely […]

Let's resurrect Debian Weekly News

As many of you might have noticed, our weekly newsletter died more or less some time ago. Considering that to be a great loss and a shame for a project as large as Debian, I think it's high time to resurrect it! Hi! As many of you might have noticed, our weekly newsletter died more […]

Getting Flashplayer for Opera 9.5 with Debian Linux

This blog might make it a bit easier for other newbs like me who are hopeless at using command lines (for now) to get Linux, Opera and Flashplayer to hold hands and play nice together Read it here Quote: There are other flavors (distros) of Linux that you can get Opera for, for those you […]

Debian GNU/Hurd K16 Snapshot Released, QEMU Image Available

This is the 16th update of the K-series Debian GNU/Hurd installer and marks the first major update of Debian GNU/Hurd since the K14 snapshot released in November 2006. Read it announced here Quote: The K-series installer has been developped by Philip Charles based on the old Debian boot-floppies installer, and uses Debian GNU/Linux. It partitions, […]

Not Alerting on Scheduled Nessus Scans with Snort (Debian-style)

So my (Debian based) firewall routes traffic for the three subnets I have behind it, each which is front-ended by either a Cisco 851 or a Linksys AP. Read more here Quote: The first scanner (on my Son's Ubuntu 7.10 Optiplex) scans the non-Linksys devices connected to the AP, both wired and wireless. (I exclude […]

Beyond Synaptic – using apt for better package management

I’m a Debian user and—like many—I use apt and its associated tools. If you haven’t yet discovered apt here’s a brief summary of some of it and some of its tools which can make your package management even more powerful. Read it here Quote: I’ll start with a brief history lesson. The ‘Advanced packaging tool’ […]

My first real debian repo

Up to now, whenever I’ve needed a backport or debian recompile, I’ve done it locally. But finally last night, instead of studying for this morning’s exam, I decided to do it properly. Read it here Quote: The tool for producing a debian archive tree is reprepro. There are a few howtos out there for it, […]

Debian Wants to hear from you

If you are using debian on any of your computers, servers, mobiles, embedded devices, share your experience on debian to their contributors. Read about it here Quote: We’ve had bits from the DPL (Debian Project Leader)[1][2], bits from therelease team[3], bits from the listmasters[4] and bits from other peopleand groups within Debian[5][6][7][8][9]. “Bits from someone” […]

Integrating XCache Into PHP5 (Debian Etch & Apache2)

This guide explains how to integrate XCache into PHP5 on a Debian Etch system (with Apache2) on HowtoForge Read it here Quote: From the XCache project page: “XCache is a fast, stable PHP opcode cacher that has been tested and is now running on production servers under high load.” It's similar to other PHP opcode […]

ClamAV: A Workable Linux Anti-Virus Scanner

Yes, Linux has virus scanners. Internet consultant A. Lizard tells you why you need one — to protect yourself and to protect Windows users to whom you send e-mail. Read it here Quote: While Linux AV is unfashionable, I’ve used it for years. While purists will say that it’s unnecessary due to the separation between […]

How To Install The Openbravo ERP On Debian Etch

This document describes how to set up Openbravo ERP (enterprise management system) on Debian Etch. Read it here Quote: Taken from the Openbravo page: “Openbravo is an open source ERP solution designed specifically for the SME (small to midsize firm). Developed in a web based environment, it includes many robust functionalities which are considered part […]

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