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Linux Shootout: 7 Desktop Distros Compared

We tested openSUSE, Ubuntu 8.04, PCLinuxOS, Mandriva Linux One, Fedora, SimplyMEPIS, and CentOS 5.1. All performed well, and each had at least one truly outstanding feature.
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One of MEPIS's strongest features is a clutch of system-configuration tools called the MEPIS Assistants, which let you change some of the most important options in four basic categories: network, system-wide configuration, user preferences, and the X server. A common theme with the Assistants is repairing a damaged configuration to a system component: for instance, the Repair tab in the User Assistant lets you restore default KDE application configurations if they get munged. The X Assistant X configurator has nVidia and ATI-specific options, including your choice of which driver to use — the binary drivers or the generics. There's no configuration for Intel video, though (which was what my VAIO used), so that might be something to add in the future.

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