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My Debian Adventure, Part 2: Lenny

Now I'm using Debian Lenny and I probably won't go back to using Etch. This article explains why, and describes my Debian Adventure with Lenny.
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My first impression is that Debian Lenny is really snappy! With its default “nv” video driver, Lenny boots to a usable desktop several seconds faster than Etch does with its “nvidia” video driver on my computer. In fact, Lenny's, “nv” driver runs fast enough that I don't even need to install the nvidia video driver that caused me so much trouble in Etch yesterday. Lenny also has much newer versions of Quanta Plus (3.5.9 vs. 3.5.5), (2.4 vs. 2.0), and K3b (1.0.4 vs. 0.12.17) as well as a much newer linux kernel (2.6.24-x or 2.6.22-x vs. Etch's 2.6.18-x). And because I keep my email and browser profiles on my separate data partition, it only took a couple of minutes to edit two lines in Icedove's (Thunderbird's) and Iceweasel's (Firefox's) profiles.ini, files, to point them to my existing profiles. It only took another couple of minutes to set up my Brother HL-5240 laser printer in Lenny, once I realized that I had to install cupsys first, since it wasn't installed by default. And the Lenny repositories already contain Phatch, which allowed me to point and click in the Synaptic package manager to install that digital photo batch processing software that I had to manually install in Etch last week.

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