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Cutting Down on spam with EXIM4 on Debian Etch

This guide will detail a number of processes I have implemented on my mail server in the hope of reducing Spam coming through to my email boxes. This guide will cut down on spam by ensuring the correct Connection request is done.
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The previous guides on the website have explained how to set up an EXIM4 email server with IMAP and POP3 for access from your own email client as well as Virtual hosts so numerous domains can be serviced from the one mail server. We have also set up authenticated SMTP on the server so Emails can be sent out using EXIM4 as well. The guides have basically set up a fully working mail server which should be fine for most users. Over the Past few years however Spam has become a larger problem so this guide will outline a number of measures which should help to lower the amout of Junk email you receive

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