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A Noob Guide to Creating a Debian Installer ISO

It is hard to find an easy to understand set of instructions for creating a custom debian installer the real way. And when I say the 'real way' I mean using the same tool that the debian folks use to create their ISOs.
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Before we get to the nuts and bolts, here is the high level of what we are going to do. We are creating a bootable debian-installer ISO. To do this we use a tool called debian-cd, which is basically a build file and lots of perl scripts that automate everything. debian-cd requires that we have a local debian repository, and that is where most of the work is. Then you configure debian-cd to point to your local repository, and you tell it what you want it to make, there are tons of options here, but I am going to give instructions for the i386 netinstaller CD. Once it is configured you just run a few make tasks and you are done. Now without further blabbing I'll cut to the chase.

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