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Howto install Ruby Enterprise Edition on Ubuntu or Debian

I decided to test Ruby Enterprise Edition to see if it’s claims about reduced memory usage were true. All of my machines are 64-bit at this point but unfortunately Ruby Enterprise Edition is more optimized for the i386 architecture. Read more here

Bluetooth audio under Debian lenny/sid

This is a quick how to setting up bluetooth audio under Debian. Read it here Quote: First off we need to install a couple packages: # apt-get install bluez-utils bluez-gnome bluez-audio Now we need to run ‘hcitool scan‘ to get the address of the bluetooth device.

debian: what i'm been up to

For past two years I have been testing out Debian system. My goal was to install it and set it up and use it for every day task. I started using Sarge. Then switched to Edge. I reached an important milestone this week Read what it was here Quote: Summary: This stuff is not easy. […]

In a nutshell: using Git for Debian packaging

I'm new to Git, the “fast Version Control System” originally developed by Linus Torvalds for the Linux kernel sources management. Of course, my first use of Git would be to manage my Debian packages sources. Read it here Quote: Here is a short recipe to start using Git to manage your packages. At the end […]

Debian Minimal Install Tutorial

Invariably, every time I install Linux, i tend to remove a lot unused packages from the new system. So I have come to the conclusion that the minimal install is what i need to begin with for all requirements. This post should guide you to install a minimal copy of Linux. Read it here Quote: […]

OpenManage on Debian

With more and more Dell machines with perc raid controllers and redundant power supplies I thought that now would be a good time to try out the monster that is OpenManage again. Read more here Quote: I suspected that I might have some ports open that I didn’t expect, but all I could see was […]

The popular emergence of apt-git?

It's no secret that Canonical is a large proponent of Bazaar (bzr) and would like to use Ubuntu as a guinea pig for large scale deployments. At UDS Prague, James Westby gave an interview about using “distributed version control systems” (DVCS) for coordinating development. More here Quote: SVN is the runaway winner here, but for […]

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