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Last H.O.P.E and Tackling the Debian OpenSSL Issue

The majority of tools (asides from the official Debian tools) are designed for discovering vulnerable servers that don’t belong to you! The Debian tool is great unless for one reason or another you don’t / can’t have Perl installed. Read it here Quote: Kevin Figueroa, Marco Figueroa and Anthony L. Williams reminded me that VLAN’s […]

5 Reasons to Choose Debian Linux Over Ubuntu Linux

I use both Debian and Ubuntu, and they both perform well, but here are some reasons to choose Debian over Ubuntu Read them here Quote: 3) If you’re using a Special Computer Architecture Debian now runs on eleven different computer architectures, and these ports are still in active development, so your’e sure yo’ll get something […]

Upgrading Git on Debian Etch

But what if you don’t know how to compile, or you want to maintain package only install for your system, so upgrading and uninstalling will be easy? Where do you find a newer package? Read it here Quote: Well, the testing and unstable repositories require you to update nearly your entire system, which is not […]

Debian Linux-Intel Atom Processor (Menlow) Support

It seems that somebody within the Debian community has started a project called DebianEeePC with a goal to support Debian on Intel Atom processor. Read this blog about the effortsQuote: Sometime back Intel announced it’s new low power Atom processor. These processors are specifically designed for UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC), MID (Mobile Internet Devices) and […]

Debian or Ubuntu on a Sun Netra

I will probably expand on this at some stage, so for now it's going to be short, but I recently put Debian onto a Sun Netra, which was pretty cool, but I decided to cross-grade from Debian to Ubuntu which I've done before without having any issues, and I ran into issues Read more here […]

Best OS for a 9-year-old laptop: Part I — Puppy or DSL?

In the battle for which operating system runs best on the $15 Laptop, Puppy Linux has pulled out front as the fastest system with the most features I need and best functionality on this 1999-era Compaq Armada 7770dmt. Read it here Quote: For some reason, the desktop wallpaper doesn't work. Instead, I have a plain, […]

How To Patch BIND9 Against DNS Cache Poisoning On Debian Etch

This article explains how you can fix a BIND9 nameserver on a Debian Etch system so that it is not vulnerable anymore to DNS cache poisoning. Read it at HowtoForge

VirtualBox I/O performance (Debian Host/WinXP Guest)

I was just doing some tests, and I snapped a screenshot to share. Running on the XP Guest is a nifty little I/O benchmark I’ve used extensively at work and I’m blown away by the results. Read it here Quote: Although I/O performance is a small part of overall performance, I decided to run the […]

Lenny frozen

We just edited our hint files, so that all packages now need humanreview in order to go to testing. Hmm, that sounds too cryptic. Let'stry again: Lenny is now frozen! Wheeeeeee!!! Hi, We just edited our hint files, so that all packages now need humanreview in order to go to testing. Hmm, that sounds too […]

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated and support for newer hardware added

The Debian project is pleased to announce the fourth update of itsstable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename etch). ————————————————————————The Debian Project GNU/Linux 4.0 updated press@debian.orgJuly 26th, 2008———————————————————————— Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated and support for newer hardware added The Debian project is pleased to announce the fourth update of itsstable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 […]

Setting up bridged networking for VirtualBox (Debian)

Debian includes VirtualBox-OSE in it’s repositories, with pre-compiled kernel modules, however I opted to go for the official Sun binaries. Read it here Quote: The main thing I use Virtualization for on my Linux systems is to virutalize Windows XP. I don’t do a lot in XP, but one thing I do is connect back […]

Recuperating an old Thinkpad – Part 1

Unfortunately both SUSE and Fedora had issues with my hardware. Debian however had only a minor issue with my CD-drive but the installation went without a hitch ! More here Quote: Debian itself is quite a stable operating system. It does not eat as many resources when idle, unlike some of the popular distributions out […]

Easy Setup of a CVS server on Debian Etch

I wanted the following scenario: developer account ‘hamish’ who can read/write to the cvs server and an anonymous account ‘anon’ who can only read from the cvs server Read it here Quote: I wanted the developer accounts to connect with ssh and anon via pserver, however…this seems like a mission! Perhaps this is why sourceforge […]

Debian maintainer calls for embedded input

With the next version of Debian frozen for release in September, eight of its 12 architectures risk exclusion. That's because, according to Debian Maintainer Luk Claes, in some cases “The architecture qualification pages on are still missing a LOT of information.” More here Quote: In a post announcing his plans for a September release […]

Trying Debian 5.0 “Lenny”

As of 2 days ago, I have my main desktop running Debian “Lenny” (currently the “testing” release, but soon to be stable – more on Debian in a minute). Read the experience here Quote: Also, I’ve never run Debian as a “daily-driver” distro. I’ve tried if a few times (briefly), but I’ve always defaulted back […]

Debian looks to launch lenny in Sept.

The Debian project's maintainer, Luk Claes, announced in an email Saturday that he will freeze the “testing” or “Lenny” tree, in preparation for a new stable release of Debian Linux. On Claes's checklist for September 2008: “Release lenny!” Read the comments here and here Quote: The freeze means that open source software developers have only […]

Mono is Too Controversial for Debian

A month ago we showed Fedora crossing out Moonlight and moving Tomboy (with Mono) out of the way, at least as far as the Live CD is concerned. So does Debian on the face of it. Read the comment here Quote: tomboy: very nice app, but controversial since it brings thefull Mono stack, so we […]

Why Debian?

We’ve recently been restructuring some of our servers here at Essential and shut down our Windows resseller acocunt at Fast2Hosts after 5yrs service. We’ve recently setup two new servers at our Studley datacentre providing fast, reliable hosting and expanding our CRM services. The reasons are found here Quote: Stability – Similar to reliability above but […]

Nokia 6630 Using USB Cable On Debian

I’m going to discuss what I did in order to get my Nokia 6630 to work with my Debian box using the USB cable that came with it. Start by updating your database and installing what we need. More here Quote: Earlier on I had looked into several ways I could do this, but nothing […]

Debian Linux installer for NAS devices goes beta

Former Debian project leader Martin Michlmayr is beta-testing a “debian-installer” for devices based on Marvell's Feroceon architecture. Read it here Quote: “You can consider the daily image as a beta release of RC1 of the debian-installer for Debian lenny,” writes Michlmayr. “It should only be used by experienced users and only if you can make […]

Using nvidia-settings to Add a Monitor

Since I just spent several hours trying to get my Dell 2405FPW monitor working with a Debian laptop I’ll post the successful formula in the hopes of getting someone else through it faster. Read it here Quote: The key to all happiness: use the nvidia-settings utility. Really, the biggest problem with the advice you find […]

LAMP Tutorial for Debian and Ubuntu

You’ve always wanted to set up LAMP on your Debian/Ubuntu server but never knew how, right? Well, now you can. We’ll walk you through setting up LAMP on your server step by step. Read it here

How To Install Django On Debian Etch

This tutorial explains how to install Django on a Debian Etch server. Django is a web framework that allows to develop Python web applications quickly with as much automation as possible. I will use it with Apache2 and mod_python in this guide. Read it at HowtoForge Quote: This howto is meant as a practical guide; […]

Debian celebrates 15-year legacy

Debian, arguably the most important Linux distribution, is readying to celebrate its 15th birthday on August 16. Read it here Quote: On 16 August 1993 Debian founder Ian Murdock announced the brand new Linux distribution: “This is just to announce the imminent completion of a brand-new Linux release, which I’m calling the Debian Linux Release. […]

Debian Packaging – A new experience

Well, I've decided to package up the redmine program for inclusion into Debian Linux. It's not the most simple software in the world but it shouldn't be too bad to package. Read part 1 and part 2:Quote: In my last post I showed a fairly complex command line that parses the output of licensecheck into […]

Debian Project News – July 21st, 2008

Welcome to this year's 7th issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debiancommunity. Some of the topics covered in this issue: Updates to the Lenny release process, Debian-installer to support loading of external firmwares, Best practice for debug packages… and much more. —————————————————————————Debian Project News Project News – July 21st, 2008————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's […]

Damn Small Linux

Searching for a smaller Linux distribution I came across Damn Small Linux and installed that. Well, installed is the wrong word as I first ran it from the LiveCD. Read more here Quote: The down side, and this is something I am still fighting with, is that it is not a true Debian distribution. It […]

Installing debian on eeepc instead of Xandros

So, I've evaluated a few others and finally settled on Debian – since it was apparently the only one who was ok with my SDHC 4Gb card that I bought. Not many details, but read more Quote: My favourite Gentoo was out of question immediately – it'd be a madness to compile everything on a […]

Debian-powered CherryPal uses just 2W

The CherryPal mini-desktop runs an embedded version of Debian on a Freescale processor running at 400MHz, with 256MB of RAM and 4GB of internal flash storage. Read about it here and here and also here Quote: At first sight the C100 reminded me of a Mac Mini, Apple's own paperback book-sized computer. But similarities are […]

Smail – the lighter mail server

When most people install a free software mail transport agent (MTA) they plumb for Postfix, Exim, qmail or Sendmail. They can be a little over the top for some smaller systems or systems where all you need is some kind of local MTA functionality. In these cases many people will install their favourite MTA anyway […]

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