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Debian-powered CherryPal uses just 2W

The CherryPal mini-desktop runs an embedded version of Debian on a Freescale processor running at 400MHz, with 256MB of RAM and 4GB of internal flash storage.
Read about it here and here and also here


At first sight the C100 reminded me of a Mac Mini, Apple's own paperback book-sized computer. But similarities are skin deep, to be sure; Apple's is far better equipped (but also costs more than twice as much). Still, CherryPal packs a tri-core MPC5121e mobile GT processor capable of performing 800 MIPS “while only consuming as much power as a clock radio,” said the company on its Web site

But there is somethins strange, mentioned here:


This certainly sounds like another open-source device from the description – or at least, closed hardware running open source software. But poking around CherryPal's web site reveals no hint of any source code. Many of the links on the site lead to cheerful “Coming Soon!” banners, but there doesn't even appear to be a logical place in their site structure for code hosting.

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