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Trying Debian 5.0 “Lenny”

As of 2 days ago, I have my main desktop running Debian “Lenny” (currently the “testing” release, but soon to be stable – more on Debian in a minute).
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Also, I’ve never run Debian as a “daily-driver” distro. I’ve tried if a few times (briefly), but I’ve always defaulted back to Ubuntu for that – I always felt it was better suited for the desktop, but I’m beginning to change that opinion. I’m very happy with the install of Lenny and it’s running faster than any other distro I’ve had on here for an extended period of time. I did do a very customized installation (building up from a base system) and I was very selective about what packages were installed. It seems the Debian release team is shooting for a September release of Lenny, and I plan to stay on Lenny for a while after that, but will probably go to “Testing” again once it’s nearing release again.

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