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From openSUSE 11 to Debian Lenny, through bugs

So I turned back to Debian Lenny. Especially since it's now “frozen” as it's supposed to be approaching a stable release, I hoped it would offer me a reliable experience.
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The last time, I was still on openSUSE 11.0, running GNOME and a few KDE3 applications, and I was mentioning that Antidote RX v6 (a French language grammar and spelling checker) was only able to run as a standalone application, but not as an add-on, which is a serious showstopper for me.

That's too bad, because the 2.4 provided by openSUSE is otherwise very nice, and I appreciate the integration with the GNOME open/save dialog, something that not all the distros have. But it was specifically under openSUSE 11.0 that the Antidote RX v6 add-on can't be loaded.

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