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Debian — troubling signs; can Slackware teach us anything?

The idea is to really attempt to illuminate people on why Debian, and many other distributions may not be ideal, and why a classic approach such as Slackware still has merit in this world of modern feature-crazy distributions.
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I may not be a developer, but even I can see the absolute stupidity behind the OpenSSL debacle. And it is all because of their absolute refusal to respect the wishes of upstream developers regarding their software. This is nothing new of course; distributions have been doing this sort of bullshit for years. I recall back in the day when Red Hat ended up shipping a CVS version of GCC known as “GCC 2.96″, which broke compilation with many packages, the official stable GCC release at the time was 2.95.3, and this newer 2.96 version was actually a development snapshot for the upcoming 3.x releases. Then there was the whole controversy with various distributions shipping broken copies of MPlayer due to patent fears; SuSE and Debian (yep, them again) were two notable offenders as I recall.

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