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Debian Project News – August 18th, 2008

Some of the topics covered in this issue include: Debian turns 15, 8th annual Debian Conference finished, Freespire 5 to be based on Debian
… and much more.
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Other news

Lucas Nussbaum wondered if the technical solution of freezing the propagation of packages from the unstable development branch to the to-be-released-soon testing branch is adequate. Since the requirement of non-disruptive changes are more a social problem, it shouldn't be solved by strict technical measures and manual approval of exceptions.

Joey Schulze announced the 2008 M68k Linux Porter Meeting, which will take place from August 29th to 31st at the University of Kiel, Germany.

Lucas Nussbaum asked for final reviews for the Debian Enhancement Proposal 1, which tries to improve the way how to deal with “non maintainer uploads” (NMUs).

Sandro Tosi noticed that the #debian-devel@OFTC channel topic is often used to give status messages in the case of severe or exceptional situations (outages, downtimes, etc). In order to stay informed even if not connected to oftc he recommends subscribing to the Debian Wiki page that mirrors that channel's topic.

Neil Williams summarized the usage of PO for anything for maintaining translations of various documents, including manpages.

Nicolas Francois announced that the services hosted on (for example the web frontend to the Debian Package Description Translation Project) is now available via SSL, too.

Stefano Zacchiroli reported several improvements he did for the package tracking system. He fixed several bugs and feature request including tighter integration with lintian, a tool for checking Debian packages for common errors, and, a service used by package maintainers searching for Debian Developers to “sponsor” their upload to the Debian archive.

Lucas Nussbaum blogged about an important usecase for the Ultimate Debian Database, a Google Summer of Code project integrating several information sources within Debian: recently removals of important packages from the testing Distribution have caused some discussion. Tracking these important packages will be easier through this database.

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