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Top Ten Distributions

The bewildering choice and the ever increasing number of Linux distributions can be confusing for those who are new to Linux. This is why this page was created. It lists 10 Linux distributions, which are generally considered as most widely-used by Linux users around the world. Read it here Quote: DebianPros: Very stable; remarkable quality […]

Why Debian is different

As times change and people correspondingly change, motivating factors often tend to change and this is reflected in changes in most software projects. Is this true for Debian? Read the comment here at ITWire Quote: The motive behind being part of Debian isn't that easily understood. The 11th and current Debian leader, Steve McIntyre, probably […]

Some comments to Debian

Titled “Debian GNU/Linux: 15 Years Old and at the Crossroads” and “Debian @15 is it still relevant?”, these comments takes a look at the purpose and relevance of Debian. Read them here and here Quote: So is Debian relevant? OF COURSE IT IS. But I'll still argue that it could have been more. At this […]

Creating Advanced MySQL-Based Virtual Hosts On Lighttpd

This guide explains how you can create advanced virtual hosts on a lighttpd web server on Debian Etch that are stored in a MySQL database. The method described here does not use the lighttpd mod_mysql_vhost module, and unlike mod_mysql_vhost, this method allows to store individual configuration directives for each vhost in the MySQL database. Read […]

For Those Who Care About X (Bits from the X Strike Force)

the X Strike Force, as you may know, is the team responsible for thepackages forming the X Window System. That means the X server, allvideo and input device drivers, as well as client libraries and variousclient applications. Hi everyone, the X Strike Force, as you may know, is the team responsible for thepackages forming the […]

Debian On the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner Phone

Slashdot: It was inevitable. One can now run the entire Debian distribution (ARM port) on the Openmoko Neo Freerunner. Reas more with plenty of links from here

Debian Turns 15 Years Old

The most popular and stable GNU/Linux operating system Debain has turned 15 today. In these last 15 years Debian has established itself as the most stable operating system. Most of the popular GNU/Linux distributions, like Ubuntu and Knoppix, are based on Debian. Read about the happy day at efytimes, gionggnu, in this blog, and at […]

Got Debian running, too

It’s not surprising that I managed to get Debian Linux running on the orange iMac I blogged about the other day. Read it here Quote: However, the IceWeasel browser included with Debian was pretty quick, OpenOffice was a bit sluggish, but certainly performed as required, and the system only took about a minute to boot. […]

crazy idea: user supported

We all know that has ran out of space in early May this year and we all lost a valuable service. Since there are probably many users, developers and maintainers which find this service useful, it might make sense to think that the users themselves could solve the problem. Read it here Quote: Think […]

Testing Debian’s Lenny KDE beta

Lenny (aka “testing”) appears poised to displace Etch as the popular Linux distribution’s “stable” branch next month. To see how Lenny was coming along, I loaded the latest preview (beta 2) of its KDE system image onto an available Thinkpad, and took it for a spin. Read more here Quote: Now, I’ve been a strong […]

Upcoming changes to supported architectures

Joerg Jaspert: With the Lenny release upcoming we are thinking about larger changes to the Debian archive, of which one point is “Clean up the supported architecture list to free up space for new ones”. Hello everybody, with the Lenny release upcoming we are thinking about larger changes tothe Debian archive, of which one point […]

Fighting Spam with Spamassassin

Now I already have a home SAMBA server, running Debian, which also acts as a mini desktop. I decided to use this as my mail volume isn’t huge… I get ~20 valid emails a day, ~200-500 spams depending on the day of week really. Read it here Quote: Setting SpamAssassin up is NOT easy, and […]

mediawiki on debian etch with AD LDAP Authentication

Installing media with on debian etch against Windows Server 2003 R2 Active Directory Not much talk. Just do it.

Debian on the Old Laptop

Debian recently offered an installer based on XFce, the lighter desktop. I'll give that a try and, should anything prove significant, I'll report here again. Read more thoughts about the change here Quote: The point, as always, is this: I cannot trust any closed system. If it's not free and open for my use as […]

Install and Run FrostWire 4.17.0 in Debian Lenny

FrostWire is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) client written in Java, the last version at the time of writing being 4.17.0. Here are several easy steps you need to follow in order to install and run FrostWire on your Debian Lenny box. More here Quote: To install and run FrostWire, you will first need to download the […]

Installing The PHP WebDAV Extension On Debian Etch

This article shows how you can install the PHP WebDAV extension for PHP5 on a Debian Etch system. The PHP WebDAV extension allows easy access to remote resources through the DAV protocol from PHP scripts. Read it here at HowtoForge

Compiz with ATI RS480 on Debian

Everything both nice and unuseful, but now I understand how eye-candy fancy stuff can change your desktop. Read here what to do indeed! Quote: Uninstall fglrxMy video card is not supported very well with Mesa 7.0.x, in fact I've been using the fglrx driver for a long time…. until now!I had to manually dpkg –purge […]

Debian: The OS for the rest of us

Jack Wallen takes a break from the user-friendliness of the usual Linux distributions and gives the Debian network installation a try. Read on to find out what his general impressions of this geekier Linux distribution are. Read it here Quote: I can’t say that my kicking of the tires of Debian was as thorough as […]

Bits from the DPN editors

It's more or less four months since I proposed to resurrect ournewsletter. We already released eight issues of the “Debian ProjectNews” and work for the ninth issue has already started. So I guess it'stime for a small “state of the DPN” speech, but since I'm not attendingDebConf, you will have to read this mail instead […]

Bits from the GNU/kFreeBSD porters

This is a status update for the Debian GNU/FreeBSD port[1]. This port consists of two architectures: kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64. Hello, (GNU/Linux) world! This is a status update for the Debian GNU/FreeBSD port[1]. This port consists of two architectures: kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64. Status—— * We have an up-to-date toolchain (including java on both architectures) and most […]

Setting up Xen on Debian etch (64bit)

Today I decided to setup Xen (not the Half-Life world) on a clean Debian installation so I could have a few VPSes to play around with load balancing mySQL, FastCGI and Mongrel. Read it here Quote: Here you just need to setup a standard Debian system, I’m using the 64bit edition of Etch but the […]

DebConf8 video streams

in seven hours DebConf8 will officially begin, you can participate by watching the live video streams as described on – have fun! Hi, in seven hours DebConf8 will officially begin, you can participate by watching the live video streams as described on – have fun! The schedule for tomorrow/today is available at […]

How To Remotely Install Debian Over A RH Based Distro

In this tutorial, I have an ancient Fedora Core 3 machine that I need to turn into a Debian Etch machine. The machine is 600 miles from my home office so traveling to put in CDs is not an economical option. Read it here Quote: You'll need to make sure your swap space is adequate. […]

Mar Del Plata to host 9th Debian conference

Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 8 August 2008 – The Debian Project is inviting membersof the public and the press to its annual conference, DebConf 8, which takes place from 10 August to 16 August at the Hotel Dorá in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. ————————————————————————The Debian Project Del Plata to host 9th Debian conference press@debconf.orgAugust […]

kqemu on Debian amd64

I've been using qemu a lot lately because I'm creating an usb hdd with debian live. Read it here Quote: The image contains a system running postgresql, development packages for gtk and python and gnome-core . All this ends up loading in more than 5 minutes, this is really boring.

Howto: Debian Lenny & Huawei E160G

So, in my last post I described how it was using the E160G with Debian. All in all it’s very good and i’ve not experienced any major issues, bar a few minor apt-get and NetworkManager issues. So, heres a quick rundown of how to get it on your machine. Read more here Quote: So, the […]

Being Debian leader can be 'scary at times'

A little more than three months after he became leader of the Debian GNU/Linux project, Steve McIntyre is beginning to realise that it can be a little scary at times. Read it here Quote: “We do have our occasional heated discussions, we have 1000+ developers and that sometimes means on any given topic, we may […]

RFA: The Debian Jr. project

The time has come for Ben Armstrong to give up the Debian Jr. project for someone else to lead. While he still have a clear vision for it, his heart has not been in the work for some time. The time has come for me to give up the [0]Debian Jr. project forsomeone else to […]

Debian Lenny update: so far, much better, and we also have 'Etch and a half'

Now that Debian's current testing release, code name Lenny, has been frozen, we're this much closer to seeing Lenny become a Stable release, a milestone that is projected for September of this year. That would make it a year and four months after the current Stable release, Etch, was so designated in April 2007. More […]

How-To install Boost.Python on Debian

Today I’ve written a little howto to install Boost.Python, a library that allows you to create Python modules in C++, on Debian (and Debian based systems, such as Ubuntu) Read a bit about it here

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