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MEPIS Linux 8.0 nears release

A new version of MEPIS Linux, one of my favorite KDE-based distributions, is nearing final release. Roughly a year after the arrival of version 7.0, distribution founder and maintainer Warren Woodford has just issued MEPIS 8.0 beta 2, based on a Debian Lenny core. Read it here Quote: MEPIS 8.0 beta 2 is usable as […]

Second MEPIS 8.0 Beta Uploaded For Testing

Warren has uploaded a second 8.0 beta, MEPIS 7.9.80-beta. MEPIS 8.0 offers up-to-date user applications delivered on top of a Debian Lenny core. Read it here Quote: Important package changes in this beta include kernel, ntfs-3g34, OpenOffice 3.0rc2, and OpenJDK 6. The new kernel supports VirtualBox-OSE 2.0.2, which is available for installation from the […]

If Linux Distributions Were Footballers..

This is just a bit of fun, blending my two great loves, Linux and football.I make no apology for the English Premiership-centric choices.Indeed, I'd welcome any other suggestions from around the globe… Read it here Quote: Debian = Petr Cech, ChelseaAnyone who knows anything about football knows that the great teams are built on the […]

Bits from the DPL

Steve McIntyre: At the risk of sounding like a broken record here, apologies for taking so long to write this. It's been a few too many weeks since I wrote my last summary. In the last couple of months, I was ill for 3 weeks (as you may have seen from my blog post[1]) and […]

Mirroring Debian repositories using debmirror

This is a quick guide for those who want to keep a local repository of Debian packages in their machines/servers either for internal consumption or for setting up a public mirror for Debian (very much encouraged to do so). Read it here Quote: Copy the following bash/shell script lines to a file say, ‘’ and […]

The 14 best Linux distros

Given the number of Linux distros out there, how did we pick just 14? Some were obvious; the likes of Slackware and Debian have been around since Linus was in short trousers. Read more here Quote: 1. Debian The grand-daddy of some of the other distros here, and still going strong Desktop User's choice Architectures […]

The five best desktop Linuxes you haven't tried

Before launching into my list, let me preface it by saying that this is a list of what I consider relatively easy to use desktop distributions. So, while Debian is a great distribution, I haven't included it because to get the most out of it you should be an experienced Linux user. Read them here […]

How to install Webmin on Debian 3 or 4 using Debian (.deb) Packages

Read this article to learn how to install Webmin on Debian 3 or 4 using Debian (.deb) Packages Read the short guide hee

Back to the debian!

i'm close to end of my second year with my macbook, i got suspicious from strange behaviors on my network traffic a few days ago, and decided to use snort+base to understand what's going on. Read more on what he found here Quote: in this angry mood, i look at myself and recognized that in […]

Installing Matlab on Debian (lenny)

This blog post mainly target for UT students who need to install matlab on linux. However there are some possible problems that any one could come across while installing matlab. and fixes for those problems discussed in this post. Read it here Quote: One of big news for UT about matlab is , University of […]

Debian-Edu Skolelinux Developer Gathering in Oslo, Norway

Once again the board of Free software in schools Norway are happy to invite everyone who wish to contribute to the Skolelinux-project to our developer gathering in Oslo on the 10th-12th of October. ———- Forwarded Message ———-From: Anders Kringstad Hello everyone! Once again the board of Free software in schools Norway are happy to inviteeveryone […]

Debian all business with Lenny and Squeeze

Steve McIntyre has been interviewed by The Register following Debian's 15th birthday about the troubles being Debian Project Leader Start reading here Quote: As if this wasn't enough McIntyre also faced a backlog of approvals for new Debian developers and the lead up to DebConf8, the annual gathering of Debian developers, in August. And then […]

Cool stats about Debian bugs

Now that bug #500.000 has been reported, let’s have a look at all our other bugs, using UDD. Read it here Quote: Breakdown by severity: select severity, count(*) from bugs where status != 'done' group by severity; severity | count———–+——- normal | 27680 important | 7606 minor | 6921 wishlist | 18898 critical | 29 […]

How to install Tracks on Debian Lenny with Apache mod_fcgid

It took me quite a bit of time to piece it all together, but here’s how I set up Tracks in Debian Lenny. Read it here Quote: I have recently read Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen. My geek life is the usual “too much to do in so little time” and I keep […]

Installing Debian on P5QL motherboard

Debian Etch currently (and presumably never will) install on an ASUS P5QL Pro motherboard, and presumably related boards. I have succeeded in getting an AMD64 install in the following way (warning; kludge to follow): Read it here Quote: Of course, most of this wasn't required in hindsight. Key points, though: You need 2.6.27 (maybe 26) […]

Debian's INETd: The Core of Recent Problems

If you have been following my blog or the last two entries before this one, this is another update on the situation. The bug seems to be in Debian's INETd. Read more here

m68k moved to debian-ports

After missing release criteria for Etch and Lenny the m68k port made today the switch from using the wanna-build instance on Debian infrastructure to the one on Debian-Ports Hi! After missing release criteria for Etch and Lenny the m68k port made todaythe switch from using the wanna-build instance on Debian infrastructure tothe one on Debian-Ports […]

Debian Etch: like a comfortable pair of old shoes

I've been running Debian in one form or another, on one box or another, ever since Etch went stable in April 2007…So it had been a long time since I had worked with Etch. It really is like a comfortable pair of old shoes. Read it here Quote: But it's hard to argue with “Debian […]

10 Command-Line Applications I Use in Debian and Ubuntu

In this article I'll briefly review ten of my favourite CLI (command-line interface), not necessarily the most popular or most powerful of them. Read it here Quote: Irssi This is definitely one of my top 10 favourites. Irssi is a powerful IRC client with a user-friendly interface and support for Perl scripting. Irssi can be […]

Building a Debian GNU/Linux package

I recently built packages for the 0.9.3 release of Realeyes. These include both source and Debian GNU/Linux packages. For reasons that I have forgotten, I built the Debian packages before I started working on the source packages, but I'm glad that I did. Read it here Quote: I actually built an entire distribution as part […]

Multiple Debian IMAP Servers Crash

While running a fuzzer I wrote on some Debian IMAP servers, I started seeing some of them crash. As a security research that most always makes my eyes light up. Read the analysis here

Installing GNU/Debian Sid in Ubuntu Hardy using debootstrap and chroot

This article explains how to install GNU/Debian Sid in a previously installed Ubuntu Hardy System. Read more here Quote: We will use debootstrap and chroot tools to accomplish that. This how-to is not focused on security, it does not tell how to create a restricted chroot environment to improve security.

VoIP From Home to Business Telecommunications with Debian

Installing Asterisk on Debian is not very hard at all. For those of you who are not sure what Asterisk is or are kind of fuzzy on the subject here is some information about Asterisk. Read more here Quote: Asterisk is by far the largest and most successful in the the software PBX game. Though […]

Update – Debian on Agestar Firmware

I haven’t looked again on Debian installer for Agestar, but I have built a new firmware for Debian on Agestar using the latest kernel patch (faster network). Read more here

Why I love Debian

Ubuntu and Linux Mint are great for new users, but I'm not a new user. I'm not trying to be snobby, and I don't think I'm better than anyone else; I just have different needs than most people. Read more here Quote: I don't want polish. I want to see and work with the guts […]

Making the Switch from Debian to Ubuntu and Back Again

As a long time Debian fan, when I became a member of the 64 bit bandwagon I was rather disappointed to discover that Debian for amd64 was still in unstable. I thought I would try the next best thing, which would prove to be far from great, Ubuntu 64. Read more here Quote: Fast forward […]

Split-Routing on Debian/Ubuntu

My post on split-routing on OpenWRT has been incredibly popular, and led to many people implementing split-routing, whether or not they had OpenWRT. While it's fun to have an exercise as a reader, it led to me having to help lots of newbies through porting that setup to a Debian / Ubuntu environment. To save […]

Danm Small Linux Version 4.4.6 released

Danm Small Linux Version 4.4.6 has been released Read more here Quote: Version 4.4.6 is now posted: A minor release to merge dsl v3.x icon manager into 4.x, the most often requested change. JWM + DFM is still the default but now you can use the new boot code “classic” to get both fluxbox […]

Debian update for OpenSSH denial of service bug

The OpenSSH package in the Debian 4.0 “Etch” Linux distribution has been found to still have a vulnerability which may lead to a deliberate or accidental denial of service. Debian has released an update to its OpenSSH packages to remedy the issue. Read it here

Installing DKIM and Postfix in Debian

I have just installed Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) [1] on my mail server. In summary the purpose is to allow public-key signing of all mail that goes out from your domain so that the recipient can verify it’s authenticity (and optionally reject forgeries). It also means that you can verify inbound mail. More here […]

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