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Debian not complying to licenses

A couple of years ago, I took over the maintenance of the syslinux package since its previous maintainer was MIA. The takeover was motivated by to the fact, that having started to take care about live systems, I also started to use syslinux on a daily basis and that the syslinux package in Debian was horribly outdated.
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Checking fo the consequences for embedding bootloader binaries in debian-cd, I just saw that the Debian sarge release does ship syslinux version 2.04 in its images, but is shipping syslinux 2.11 in its source images. This is another violation of the GPL and I've filled this as bug #497471.

…and syslinux is just one bootloader, only used for i386 and amd64. Someone still needs to check for all the other bootloaders for the other architectures we support (and those also for the etch release).

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