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Danm Small Linux Version 4.4.6 released

Danm Small Linux Version 4.4.6 has been released
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Version 4.4.6 is now posted:


A minor release to merge dsl v3.x icon manager into 4.x, the most often requested change. JWM + DFM is still the default but now you can use the new boot code “classic” to get both fluxbox + xtdesk as used in dsl v3.x, e.g.,

boot: dsl classic

Or if you prefer JWM + xtdesk then simply use the boot code icons=xtdesk
Or any combinaton of desktops fluxbox or jwm and icons of dfm or xtdesk

Files likely in your backup that have changed and are needed for 4.4.6 to work correctly:


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