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Debian Etch: like a comfortable pair of old shoes

I've been running Debian in one form or another, on one box or another, ever since Etch went stable in April 2007…So it had been a long time since I had worked with Etch. It really is like a comfortable pair of old shoes.
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But it's hard to argue with “Debian just works.” When Lenny goes from Testing status to Stable, Etch will become what Debian calls “Old Stable,” and receive security patches for another year. That gives those of us running it — on the desktop, the server, in embedded systems, etc. — ample time to figure out what to do next.

This being a Linux PowerPC box, I wonder how long I'll be happy without the ability to run Flash (which Adobe doesn't code for Linux on this platform; guess I could always dual boot Linux and OS X if I really, really need Flash. Or I could just give up on PowerPC and run i386. I have a promising Pentium 4 machine that ideally will be my next OS test bed, replacing the VIA converted thin client that has spawned dozens of reviews and hundreds of blog posts since I began writing this particular brand of blather at the beginning of 2007.

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