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Kernel issues with Debian Xen and CentOS Kernels

Last time I tried using a Debian 64bit Xen kernel for Dom0 I was unable to get it to work correctly, it continually gave kernel panics when doing any serious disk IO. I’ve just tried to reproduce that problem on a test machine with a single SATA disk and it seems to be working correctly […]

Debian Etch on The Self-Reliant Thin Client

I also recently installed the PowerPC build of Etch on my Power Macintosh G4/466, but I've been using the converted thin client almost exclusively since I built it last week using an 8 GB Compact Flash module as the system's sole hard drive. Read it here Quote: I only wanted to spend $20 on the […]

WSF/PHP from the scratch on Debian

This post might be helpful for beginners like me whereas might not be anything for experts . In this post I'm explaining steps to install WSF/PHP on Debian based systems. Read it here Quote: Today for the first time I installed WSF/PHP on my Debian (sid) operating system on my own. On the way I […]

Debian at Systems Expo in Munich, Germany

The Debian project will be present again at this year's Systems expo which takes place from October 21-24 in Munich, Germany. More at Debian Times Quote: At the booth, a preview of the next version of Debian, lenny, will be presented. Further, t-shirts, keychains, stickers and other Debian merchandise can be obtained at the booth. […]

I roll out a Debian Etch box and forget that Flash is not in the repositories

It's been so long since I built a Debian Etch box, I had to find my own entry on Debian's decision to take the Flash Player Nonfree plugin out of Etch and restrict it to Debian Backports. Read more here Quote: If you do want Flash (and many of us do need it, even if […]

Install Adobe Flash Player 10 in Debian

Adobe Flash Player 10 for Linux was released on Oct 15, 2008. You can install it by either using their DEB package or by downloading the .tar.gz for Linux compressed file from here. Read here what to do

SimplyMEPIS 8.0 Beta 3 Changes Kernel

Only ten days after the release of Linux 2.6.27, the SimplyMEPIS project has decided to work the new kernel into its next release. The project today used the kernel in both 32- and 64-bit versions of the third beta release of SimplyMEPIS 8. Read it here Quote: MEPIS Founder Warren Woodford said the “unexpected” decision […]

Community vs. Commercial GNU/Linux Distributions

You can categorize most GNU/Linux distributions as either community or commercial. Community-based distributions like Debian, Fedora, or CentOS are maintained largely by volunteers and donations of services or money, while commercial distributions like Suse, Red Hat, or Xandros are backed by a company and compete directly against proprietary operating systems such as Windows and OS […]

Bug Sprint – Oct 25 to Oct 30 – Register and eat cookies

There are currently around 100 RC bugs remaining that standbetween us and this release. In the permanent BSP state that has lasted for quite some time, people seem to lose focus on this urgent need for the release and the most motivated people are losing motivation after this marathon. Dear developers, we are currently very […]

Debian Project News – October 20th, 2008

Some of the topics covered in this issue include: Bits from the Debian CD team, Debian, software patents and archive layout, Statistics about usage and much, much more —————————————————————————Debian Project News Project News – October 20th, 2008————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 12th issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debiancommunity.Some of the topics covered […]

A bit of Debian history

Debian is known for strict adherence to the Unix and free software philosophies. Debian is also known for an abundance of options — the current release includes over twenty-six thousand software packages for eleven computer architectures. Read the short overview of Debian here Quote: Prominent features of Debian are the APT package management system, its […]

Today we finally switched over to it’s new host, which was long overdue (and about most of that time it was waiting on me ). Read it here Quote: Now, while I am at it, a few statistics. Everyone loves statistics, right? This year had 5777672 unique visitors creating a total of 122314763 […]

Mount CD/DVD Images (ISO/BIN/NRG) Using AcetoneISO2 in Debian and Ubuntu

AcetoneISO is a graphical application written in Qt4 which lets you mount CD/DVD images easily. The formats supported are ISO, NRG, MDF, BIN and IMG. It does not come in Debian's repositories, but I will show you how to easily install, run and start to use it. Read more here

Fonts in Debian

To improve the font set available to Debian (and Linux in general) download and install True Type Web Core Fonts. These were made available by Microsoft in a moment of madness, then later pulled (donaters remorse). Read here how to do it

Upgrading Debian Etch (v4) to Debian Lenny (v5) and Kernal 2.6.26

Well, seeing as Debian Lenny is almost about to be released, I figured upgrading my server wouldn’t be a bad idea. Its locked behind a NAT firewall and doesn’t really do too much so I don’t think it will be a security issue (especially considering Lenny is soon to be a stable release.) Read more […]

How to install Cacti on Debian or Ubuntu

Cacti is a web based PHP/MySql graphing solution using the RRDtool engine. Classically, it can graph network bandwidthes with SNMP. But in fact, a lot of different graphs can be done with snmp, shell or perl scripts. Read more here Quote: The following programs are needed to run cacti: – apache2 for the web server- […]

Download: The Official Damn Small Linux Book

DSL’s creator and lead developer have written the first definitive, practical guide to this remarkable system. The Official Damn Small Linux Book brings together everything you need to put DSL to work in just minutes. Simply learn a few essentials, boot the live CD-ROM, and master the rest…one step at a time, hands-on. Get it […]

Debian (Etch) Linux Review

This is one of our favourite distributions here at Symsys, because it’s extremely functional, quite easy to learn and use and in general is an all-round good operating system. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for new users though. Read it here Quote: Debian is one of the mainstream and most popular distributions out there. It’s […]

Updating your system: GNU/Linux 5, Windows 0

Here, in no particular order, are five ways that choosing a free operating system will make system maintenance a lot easier and simpler. In short they are ways that — when it comes to system updates — GNU/Linux beats Windows. Read more here Quote: The pace of software development — regardless of the licence — […]

debian minimal desktop installation

what make this installation different is that you have complete control what you want to install. you decide every single piece of your linux. you decide if you want opera over firefox or gnumeric over calc, etc… and it's still 100% debian Read it here Quote: this guide based on debian lenny which is […]

Keep track of the times a script is being run

The fact: you need to know how many times a given script has been run lately. This task is quite trivial if you keep the number in a given temporary file. Read it here Quote: What I am going to show you instead, is how to store the number just directly in the same script.Oh […]

Debian Lenny on Toshbia Satellite L305, or A comedy of errors

I got a new laptop a few days ago, the Toshiba Satellite L305. It's pretty cool. My first goal with it was to split the default Vista partition in half and dual boot Vista/Debian. Read more here Quote: Dual booting if only so I can run Photoshop and the like on the Vista side. Plus, […]

Power Mac G4/466 runs Debian Etch

My latest project has been to load and run Debian GNU/Linux on a Power Macintosh G4/466. The box came to me with no disk drives and 128 MB of RAM. I upped the RAM to 384 MB, and I installed two hard drives. More here Quote: I really wanted to see how the G4 would […]

Installing Darned Small Linux Onto Your Boot Drive

Today, we're going to walk though installing it on your bootable hard drive of DSL. Sure, sure, it defeats the principal of the whole thing, but you can always just slice up two tiny little partitions and have DSL as a backup for your other OS, which may or may not completely self-destruct at any […]

Apache2, mod_python, MySQL, and Django on Debian Lenny or Ubuntu Hardy

Both Debian and Ubuntu make it really simple to get a server up and running. I was trying a few different Machine Images on Amazon and I found myself repeating a lot of things so I wanted to put them here for reference for those who might find it useful. Read it here

Debian Lenny on a Thinkpad T60

Okay, I know Debian Lenny is still in Beta but I just had to try it on my Thinkpad T60. My Thinkpad is very picky when it comes to BSD/Linux distributions. Normally the Debian-based systems tend to function very well on my Thinkpad. Read it here Quote: So a couple days ago I decided to […]

Debian as a Desktop GNU+Linux Distribution

While I have no issue with someone listing Debian as the number two distribution, it seems to me that the author wasn’t entirely convinced that Debian belonged in the number two position in the first placed. Read more here Quote: Thinking about it, I’m not entirely sure what constitutes an “end-user distribution”. Perhaps I am […]

Debian with lame, mencoder, transcode & dvd::rip

Debian has one of the largest software repositories around but also has a very strict policy (which I respect) when it comes to legal stuff concerning free software or copyrights. I guess this is the reason why some multimedia software packages are missing. Read it here Quote: If you stick with Debian you have to […]

Quick way to correct timezone in Debian

I ran across an issue with my time not being correct on one of my debian servers. It was reflecting an incorrect time zone. More here

Bits from the Debian CD team

It's probably time for a quick update on what we've been up tolately in terms of producing Debian CD and DVD and (!) BD images. Hi folks, It's probably time for a quick update on what we've been up tolately in terms of producing Debian CD and DVD and (!) BD images. That will give […]

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