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Upgrading Debian Etch (Stable) to Lenny (Testing)

The simple way around that is to upgrade to Debian’s Testing branch, code named Lenny. Lenny is updated everyday with the most recent software available, however the software may not be stable which is what Debian is really all about Read it here Quote: However if like me you can’t stand the thought of having […]

Getting Eclipse and Java working on Debian

Here are the steps I took to get Eclipse working with Java on my Debian Lenny more-or-less default install laptop. I know zero (soon to be non-zero) Java, and I’ve never used Eclipse before. Read more here

Speeding up SpamAssassin rule processing on Debian and Ubuntu

Fortunately, there are several speed-ups and optimizations that can be applied to most SpamAssassin installations to speed up its rule processing, especially on Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux-based systems Read it here Quote: This article does not discuss configuring your mail filtering system (i.e. procmail, maildrop). This depends completely on your setup, and more than likely […]

Debian + Verizon Wireless PC5750

I was able to get Debian and the Verizon Wireless PC5750 PC Card for mobile internet to work. To do so, I did the following.. Read more here

Debian, fgl_glxgears: Using GLX_SGIX_pbuffer… Segmentation fault

If you get Segmentation fault when trying to run fgl_glxgears in your Debain desktop environment, most often this would mean that 3D acceleration isn’t enabled. Read it here

Simply Mepis 8 is Looking Good

Everything is working very well, with the exception of the built-in webcam, which I have never used. Sound, wireless, 3-D graphics and more are working just right. Keep in mind, this is still a beta version; when this becomes gold, it will be Mepis 8 and rock solid as usual. Read it here Quote: I […]

Debian Mirror – HowTo

I was reading on Debian News how Ravishankar Haranath setup his mirror, and therefore decided to share how I did mine, (I’m not trying to say my way is better, but it does suite my needs and is easily extendable). Read more here Quote: …….And then I just setup a cronjob: 0 0 * * […]

install debian helper scripts

Debian Helper Scripts come in handy, this package include the famous “service” command to conveniently restart programs. More here Quote: The service command is something that get pre-installed in Fedora therefore, on a switch to Ubuntu or Debian, these scripts will come in handy to maintain a sense of consistency.

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