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Bits from the world

Recent work from Steve McIntyre (current DPL) in coordination with Ryan Murray (wanna-build maintainer and buildd admin for several architectures) has led to the injection of new blood in the world. We thank them both for this opportunity, plus DSA for their help throughout the process. Hi there, Recent work from Steve McIntyre (current […]

I've Got A Penguin in My Briefs

Steven A. Reisler: My system is built around Debian, primarily because it is clean, reliable and because its proponents are dedicated to the principles of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Read the thoughts here Quote: In 2004, after practicing law for 23 years in a mid-sized downtown Seattle law firm, I opened my own […]

Enabling SSL in ircd-hybrid on Debian

Due to licensing problems, ircd-hybrid is compiled without SSL support in Debian (i.e. when you grab the .deb package from apt). Compiling it with SSL yourself does not require many steps however, here’s a quick dirty guide how it’s done. Read it here

How to install MintMenu on Debian (lenny, sid)

I really like (and miss) Linux Mint Menu (mintmenu), so I installed it on my Debian Sid box and here is how I managed it. Read more here Quote: Install mintsystem and mintmenu deb packages, either by adding mint repository to yout sources.list file or by downloading them from mint packages or simplier, by grabbing […]

Chronicles of iplist in Debian NSLU2 part 2

Part 2 chronicles my first attempt to build iplist on the Debian NSLU2. I started by using the official packages from the main repository, and the “standard Debian” build method used by iplist. Read it here Quote: I seemed to recall it is possible to use QEMU to set-up a virtual slug on a desktop […]

SimplyMEPIS: The best desktop Linux you haven't tried

Nowadays, everyone uses Ubuntu, most people have used Fedora, and many folks have tried openSUSE. SimplyMEPIS … not so many. That's a shame, because this relatively obscure Debian-based desktop distribution from Morgantown, WV, is an outstanding desktop operating system Read it here Quote: While working with the applications, I found one odd error. While the […]

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