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Enabling SSL in ircd-hybrid on Debian

Due to licensing problems, ircd-hybrid is compiled without SSL support in Debian (i.e. when you grab the .deb package from apt). Compiling it with SSL yourself does not require many steps however, here’s a quick dirty guide how it’s done.
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  1. Comment by Mea Poulpa — January 21, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

    Ok I lost 2 days with that !!

    Why do you package a .DEB you did not test ? Manual in ircd-hybrid (README.debian) says it’s easy to enable SSL : I see no error message, no open SSL port !

    What don’t you just write in documents : SSL unavailable in the package, it is impossible to activate it without building the archive .gz from the original team which did not commit for 290 days !

    Hope you’ll read my last two posts about Debian on my blog.

    Talking to a wall ?

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