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I was wrong: sexism in Debian

Miriam Ruiz: I have said a few times lately, even in some interviews, that I felt that the level of sexism and misogynia in Debian was below the average in the Free Software world, and that I was proud of it. Sadly I have to rectract myself from those words.
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Debian is behaving like any other boys club: as long as you behave and willingly accept their sexism it’s OK, but whenever you stand up against it, it’s all at once against you. I’m vulnerable, so what? I don’t need nor want to develop a thick skin, and as things are now it obviously needed. If you’re planing to join Debian don’t forget to turn off your trusty mode and turn on the wary one. Would I recommend any of my female friends to enter Debian as things are now? certainly not, sorry.

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