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Installing and Configuring Eggdrop on Debian

An eggdrop is a popular IRC bot that handles users and maintains certain rules & other things on your IRC channels. Eggdrops are useful to have on networks that don’t have IRC services such as Efnet and also useful when you need a certain service such as 24.7 channel logs for statistics (pisg) or quotes […]

How To: Linux on a Pen Drive

There are many options with USB Flash drives now. Here is a tutorial on how to install Damn Small Linux on a Pen Drive. This is version 4.4.7, the newest version. Read it here Quote: To use the new USB Pen Drive plug it into a computer that is off and then boot the machine. […]

To Debian and back again… again

Every now and then I try out Debian because of its reputation of being rock solid and stable. There are many things I like about Debian, especially its release cycle. But I still end up coming back to Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: My most recent expedition was on my Eee PC 701. I tried […]

Debian’s Postgres Packages

My hope is to help people searching Google for answers like I did (which currently sucks) and which I had to go read the code to figure out. So here is a few tips on using Postgres on Debian using the distribution packages. Read it here Quote: In Debian, you are allowed to install multiple […]

A picture is worth a thousand words. And thanks to this finally comes true for Debian packages. Several people have proposed a service to provide screenshots for them. So after getting other developers' opinions and suggestions I sat down and crafted a web application that allows to upload and provide screenshots. Hi everybody, a […]

Debian Lenny installer arrives

It appears that Debian 5.0 (aka “Lenny”) will soon take its big binocular eyes out into the wider world. The Debian project has completed the first release-candidate of Lenny's installer, which features much-improved support for ARM-based devices, along with much faster installation from “live” CDs. Read it here Quote: Remaining issues, according to Salvador, include:i386: […]

Debian Blues

After running Debian Lenny for a while, I’ve got a few things to report.Performance is admirable and is certainly a step up from Ubuntu 8.04 in terms of reponsiveness. However, not all packages behaved well Read it here Quote: Finally, when I had all those things set up, I tried installing Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack […]

Using the microphone in Debian – I hope Windows XP works on my laptop

VoIP is finally reaching us, and offers prices that are unbelievably good. Buy credit from a VoIP provider (TerraSIP in my case), start a VoIP program (WengoPhone in this Debian case), do some settings to the program and call home. Read more here Quote: Update: This entire rant is almost useless, as using the ncurses […]

Debian Installer lenny release candidate 1

The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the first releasecandidate of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Lenny. Improvementsin this release of the installer…. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Debian Installer lenny release candidate 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Debian Installer team[1] is proud to announce the first releasecandidate of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Lenny. Improvementsin this […]

Now that I dumped Debian Lenny from this laptop, Ubuntu has got to go, too

After fighting with Debian Lenny for months over the Gateway's screen-refresh problems (which basically render much of that screen unreadable after a half-hour or so of use), I finally decided that I couldn't stick with the Testing branch of my favorite Linux distro on its road to becoming Stable. Read it here Quote: As it […]

Top Ten Reasons for Learning Damn Small Linux – Number 1, It’s Free

In any case do not guarantee that you will find Damn Small Linux and our associated tutorials to be among the best things in your life. On the other hand we do guarantee that they are both completely free Read it here Quote: Your Damn Small Linux costs don’t end with the Internet. I would […]

SimplyMEPIS 8.0 Beta 5 Updates Several Packages

ISO files of the fifth beta of SimplyMEPIS 8.0 are available for 32 and 64 bit processors as SimplyMEPIS-CD_7.9.92-beta5_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_7.9.92-beta5_64.iso. Read more here Quote: In this release the kernel has been updated to upstream version and the extra drivers have been rebuilt for the new kernel. Grub has been updated to 0.97-33. It […]

Install, boot and run MEPIS from a USB device

The following USB Simply MEPIS installation tutorial was created per the request of Jason Frothingham. He couldn't fathom why we didn't list a USB install tutorial for the ever so popular MEPIS Linux. Read it here Quote: You’ll need the following to make a MEPIS Live USB:1GB or Larger USB Flash Pen DriveMEPIS Linux ISOHP […]

Specialty Linuxes to the rescue

In this article, we examine three kinds of “Linux as tool” distributions that can help you in a pinch: small-footprint Linuxes, whose boot and runtime images fit in cramped spaces; Linuxes for old hardware, which are designed to execute on systems you might otherwise push to the back of a closet; and system-rescue Linuxes for […]

HOWTO: the definitive guide to Debian Etch open-iscsi

I guess the fact I’m here writing again on this topic goes for that definitive I put in the title the first time So obviously it was not so definitive, and here we are again with a, I hope, better and improved version. Read it here Quote: This time we are going to use th […]

Debian Jr. Project: Debian for children from 1 to 99

This is a Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) project. Our goal is to make Debian an OS that children of all ages will want to use. Get the overview here Quote: Our initial focus will be on producing something for children up to age 8. Once we have accomplished this, our next target age range is […]

install ubuntu apps on debian

Here is a short guide showing you how to install Ubuntu applications for Debian. Read it here

Booting Debian in 14 seconds

Many readers will have heard about Arjan van de Ven and Auke Kok's work to boot an ASUS Eee 901 in 5 seconds. Inspired by this work, and because I have the same laptop, I decided to try to reproduce their results. From the best Debian site on the internet: Quote: So far I have […]

Eclipse 3.4 with Tomcat5.5 on Debian Sid

If you've installed Tomcat5.5 on Debian Sid, it's likely broken. You'll see the error message: invalid CATALINA_BASE specified failed! Read what to do here

Installing rjags on 64-bit Debian (etch)

I’m learning how to use JAGS for a variety of hierarchical Bayesian models. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to install it on my Debian (etch) server, so I thought I would share how I got it to work Read the instructions here

Could Mepis have been Ubuntu?

…But once I discovered SimplyMepis (also known as Mepis), I found that Knoppix was simply too time consuming. I enjoyed Mepis for a while, though I ended up moving to Ubuntu due to stagnation in Mepis development. Read more here Quote: Yes, SimplyMepis was certainly among first truly newbie friendly desktop Linux distributions. And yes, […]

Announcement: Debian Pure Blends news

For those who might wander what the term Debian Pure Blends means: the Custom Debian Distributions now are called Debian Pure Blends – see below for further information. Here comes an update what was done since the beginning of this year which might be interesting for several projects. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Hello, for […]

Debian and internet banking

My bank doesn’t let me use Iceweasel to bank online. The good news is that it’s easily fixed, all you need to do is pretend to be running a supported browser. Read it here Quote: Web browsers identify themselves to web servers by sending user agent strings. My bank’s internet banking site was kicking me […]

Could Debian Lenny be a Refuge for KDE 3 Lovers?

If you care about KDE, and especially, if like me, you care specifically about KDE 3, please go read his article. It’s full of good, balanced information. I think I will be taking his adivce and trying a KDE (3) install of Debian Lenny. More comment on it here Quote: As I’ve said before, KDE […]

Debian mirror scripts

Now, 109 commits and more than a month later, I was finally able to open the scripts to the wide public. The scripts are in use on all machines and some other mirrors already, so I’m fairly sure they work. Read it here Quote: As I already wrote, Debian mirror admins are strongly encouraged […]

Jay Freeman successfully ports Debian for Android

Jay Freeman (saurik), the man responsible for Cydia and many other amazing developments on the iPhone, has successfully gotten Debian running on the G1. I found it here Quote: With this breakthrough it opens the door to so many opportunities, such as putting a video recording application on the G1. There are instructions for those […]

Debconf 8 internationalization sessions report

This long-overdue report summarizes the discussions during thesemeetings as well as other i18n-related work that happened duringDebcamp and Debconf. During Debconf 8, we handled four work sessions aroundinternationalization as well as more informal work around i18ninfrastructure. This long-overdue report summarizes the discussions during thesemeetings as well as other i18n-related work that happened duringDebcamp and Debconf. […]

dsl-4.4.8 released, Maintenance Release

And we have an update – a maintenance release of Damn Small Linux From the announcement Quote: * Added “aterm window” to display backup is occuring.* Restored Fltk plastic scheme* Added new menu option to .fluxbox/menu to restart to reflect pendrive additions.* Added jwm tray button for mount.lua* Removed opt/ from default filetool.lst

Mepis 7.0- My Distro of Choice

As far as a major contender distribution that I use on a regular basis, I would say it would definatly have to be Simply Mepis 7.0. Mepis is a rock solid distribution created by Warren Woodford, and the Mepis Team. Read it here Quote: The only issues that I have ever ran across with Simply […]

Debian 4rc5 Encrypted Directory Install

I thought it might be useful to take a look at Debian 4rc5 and how to install an encrypted directory. More and more people are asking for security and how they can protect themselves. g Read it here Quote: You will next be asked to set up users and passwords for the system. Then you […]

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