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An early Merry Christmas from

So, as we are taking an extended vacation, there won't be any updates on for the next three weeks – I'll be enjoying a trip to USA with my family. We wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Web Server Permissions on Debian

A month ago I built a new Debian webserver to replace an older one. We got the website moved to the new machine, and it's working great. I decided early on that I did not want to enable FTP on this box, but rather use SSH/SCP for transfering files. Read it here Quote: However it […]

Debian secretary quits over Lenny release vote

Long-time developer Manoj Srivastava has resigned as the secretary of the Debian GNU/Linux Project and is thinking of leaving the project altogether Read it here Quote: In a message posted to one of the project mailing lists, Srivastava said he had taken the step of quitting the post of secretary due to the dissatisfaction over […]

Debian Developers to Determine Lenny's Fate

Free Linux distro Debian has been working steadily on its next version 5.0 of the OS, known as Lenny. Now developers have been called in for a vote to determine the course of its general release. More here Quote: The debate centers around whether or not to accept proprietary firmware in Debian, with or without […]

Creating Simple Root Filesystem for Embedded Linux

During the last few posts, I’ve been using Debian-ARM from TS-Logic site as the root filesystem. Debian is a nice distro, but it’s too much for learning embedded linux development. Therefore, I’m creating a new simpler root filesystem to make it faster to boot, and reduce the complexity. Read it here Quote: The new root […]

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated

The Debian project is pleased to announce the sixth update of its stabledistribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename “etch”). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustment to serious problems. ————————————————————————The Debian Project GNU/Linux 4.0 updated press@debian.orgDecember 18th, 2008———————————————————————— Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated The Debian […]

Nmap scanning basics w/Debian Linux part I

I wanted to begin writing more tutorial based post so I thought I’d start off with an Nmap tutorial. This is going to be just a basic Nmap scanning tutorial, more advanced tutorials about Nmap will come later. Read more here

What to do when apt-get fails

When you install an application package in a Debian-based system, sometimes prerequisite application packages are unavailable. These missing packages are known as broken dependencies. Read more here Quote: The two commands have several interfaces, including Aptitude, Synaptic, KPackage, Gnome-Apt, and dselect. Several of these interfaces, in particular Aptitude and dselect, include some of the tools […]

Debian developer loses privileges due to offensive post

Debian developer Josselin Mouette has had his privileges of posting to the announcement mailing list for developers withdrawn, following an offensive post to the list in November. Read it here Quote: Debian Project Leader Steve McIntyre told iTWire that after Mouette's “abuse of the ability to post to the d-d-a mailing list, I asked our […]

Debian Project News – December 17th, 2008

Topics covered in this issue include: * Release Update * General Resolution: Project membership procedures * Better Support * … and much more. —————————————————————————Debian Project News Project News – December 17th, 2008————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 17th issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debiancommunity. Topics covered in this issue include: * Release Update […]

Debian Dependency Map

Several of us use Debian GNU/Linux and among other features we have all appreciated the way Debian software package dependencies are calculated to give us a stable package. Read more here Quote: At we harvested the data from the packages.tgz file of Debian 4.0 and created a program that graphically displays the dependencies, called […]

Dell Latitude E4300 with Debian

So I replaced my Latitude D410 with a shiny new Latitude E4300 (Intel Core 2 Duo SP9400 2.4 Ghz with 4 Gb RAM). Here are some notes about this laptop that might be interesting for others. More here Quote: I first installed the system in 64 bits mode (amd64 architecture) but I had very regular […]

Official results for Project membership procedures

Please find below the results for Project membership procedures. Thewebsite has been updated and you should be able to view the latestversion at the next sync. Hi all, Please find below the results for Project membership procedures. Thewebsite has been updated and you should be able to view the latestversion at the next sync. Neilpp. […]

Debian developers vote on Linux release

Debian is on the verge of its next major release codenamed “Lenny” – but before it gets released, Debian developers will have to vote on it. Debian developers have until 23:59:59 UTC on Saturday, December 21st, 2008 to vote on six key issues collectively titled the Lenny Release General Resolution. Read more here Quote: In […]

Debian NSLU2 upgrade Etch to Lenny

So it’s time to upgrade the slug’s Debian NSLU2 from Etch to Lenny. Every upgrade carried a risk, depending on how much you have customised the installation. In my case, the risk was small since I have made little change to the default install. Read more here Quote: In spite of that, the hassle and […]

Debian women may leave due to 'sexist' post

At least two Debian women developers are reconsidering their participation in the GNU/Linux project following the posting of what they deem to be a sexist message to one of the mailing lists meant for developers. Read more hee Quote: Ruiz feels it would be a good idea to have a code of conduct in Debian […]

Second call for talks for the Debian Developers' room at FOSDEM 2009

No, not a call for votes, although they seem quite prevalent these days.Two weeks ago, I sent out a call for talks for the Debian Devroom at the upcoming FOSDEM. So far, seven people have expressed interest to hold a talk, of which five have definitively confirmed it. Hello World, No, not a call for […]

Dear Debian developers…

Why don’t we do something like a partial freeze, still considering newer kernels during the bug-squashing period? And fixing the kernel (and glibc and whatever depends on it) at the very last possible moment? More comments here Quote: Take into consideration: Centrino2, for example. Lenny has a kernel version 2.6.26, which doesn’t support most of […]

Release Update: d-i RC2 and deep freeze; handling of remaining RC bugs; *-report

Currently, the only extra piece we need to declare the Lenny puzzleready is a final version of the installer. The -boot people are about todeliver a second release candidate, which will be final unless somethingcritical pops up. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Hi Developers We're sorry there hasn't been a release update from us in […]

EnvyNG – Install Graphic Drivers in Ubuntu/Debian in a jiffy

EnvyNG (Earlier Envy) is a driver installation script developed by Alberto Milone for Nvidia/Ati graphic cards. It is available only for Ubuntu and Debian systems. Read it here Quote: EnvyNG comes handy in installing drivers for Nvidia/Ati graphic cards, when the user does not want to manually do it or is unaware of manual installation. […]

Planet Debian

Joerg Jaspert just updated the Software behind Planet Debian to Planet Venus, away from PlanetPlanet. The major benefit right now is the threading, we are now using 15 threads to download the various feeds instead of just one. More here Quote: The reason for that switch, beside a little more recent code, was the faster […]

Quick package search in Debian/Ubuntu/etc.

This is a one-liner that I've found useful for searching Tag: fields in Debian's package lists. For instance, I might want to know about all the packages available that have to do with Ruby. Read it here

First call for votes for the Lenny release GR

FIRST CALL FOR VOTES FOR THE Lenny Release General ResolutionVoting period starts 00:00:01 UTC on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 FIRST CALL FOR VOTES FOR THE Lenny Release General Resolution ===== ==== === ===== === === ===== ======= ======= ========== Voting period starts 00:00:01 UTC on Sunday, December 14th, 2008Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC […]

ScribeFire, Mepis Linux – Now this is pretty cool

My next attempt was to try installing Mepis Linux (or maybe the proper name is SimplyMEPIS?). It took a little bit of configuration work, but getting the wireless to work was just a matter of figuring out the right settings in Mepis’ network manager. Read it here Quote: In the course of all this, I […]

DebConf 9 to take place in Extremadura, Spain in July 2009

Annual Debian conference to take place 23 – 30 July 2009, it is hosted in UNESCO World Heritage city Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. General public invited to open conference day Saturday, 25 July and Call for papers, registration to open in January 2009 ~~~ 12 December 2008 : PRESS RELEASE ~~~ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DebConf 9 […]

Interview with Warren Woodford – Founder of Mepis

In this interview we talk with Warren. In specific, we talk about : The origins of SimplyMEPIS, Ubuntu’s role in the larger community , Differences among distros from a developer perspective, Corporate use of free versus for-fee Linux, The Linux desktop and the future of client-side Linux and Future directions of note: IPv6 and DNSSEC […]

How to add a GRUB Splash Screen Image in Debian Linux

Are you tired of seeing the plain old (black background and blue blox) Grub screen when you turn on your computer to boot Linux? If yes, then here is a quick and easy way to install a fancy Grub Image in less than 2 minutes. Read it here Quote: Note: This is not the same […]

How To: Debian Minimal Installation

Just yesterady though I found out that it’s possible to easily install a minimalist Debian setup with the fluxbox WM. In fact, this “how to” will be over before you know it. If you have installed Debian before, then you will be on familiar ground. Read it here Quote: I love the minimalist Linux distributions […]

Digital Picture Frame Guide WITH DSL

Recently I received requests from people how I created my Linux Digital Picture frame out of some old laptops and I've decided to post easy to follow (hopefully) instructions on how to build your own, you may have to Google for some answers but hopefully I snagged them all. Read it here Quote: Requirements:An old […]

Final call for votes: GR: Project membership procedures

With approximately 60 hours remaining, 142 people have voted, out of a potential 1018. This is somewhat of an record for low participation. With approximately 60 hours remaining, 142 people have voted, out of apotential 1018. This is somewhat of an record for low participation. Voting period starts 00:00:01 UTC on Monday 8th Dec 2008 […]

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