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Interview with Warren Woodford – Founder of Mepis

In this interview we talk with Warren. In specific, we talk about : The origins of SimplyMEPIS, Ubuntu’s role in the larger community , Differences among distros from a developer perspective, Corporate use of free versus for-fee Linux, The Linux desktop and the future of client-side Linux and Future directions of note: IPv6 and DNSSEC
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Sean Campbell: Warren, could you introduce yourself and tell us about some of the things you have worked on during your career?

Warren Woodford: Sure. I’ve been pushing electrons for a very long time. I grew up with what is now the computer industry, and I was already working at almost the VP level when the first microcomputers came along.

My background includes telecommunications, entertainment, field service, mini computers, micro computers, mainframe computers, PCs before they were called PCs, real time processing systems, software for business, software for home, software for government, and tools that people have heard of if they’ve been around a long time–always on the bleeding edge.

That’s the way I worked until the Internet bubble burst, at which time I kind of withdrew and decided to take it easy while the economy was down, not realizing it was going to be so volatile for so long. It was in 2000 or 2001 that I first started looking at Linux.

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