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Now I like Mepis

For the longest time, I had an intense dislike for this distro. I say dislike because I really don’t ‘hate’ anything…you know how much energy it takes to hate something? Just not worth it. The reason I was averse to Mepis was because every time I saw a release or read the forum it was […]

Debian OpenSSL Vulnerability and Diffie Hellman keyExchange

The Debian version of the OpenSSL library was the subject of a security breach discovered in late May 2008 generated keys from a much smaller entropy pool than normal. Read it here Quote: The worst part of this vulnerability is that if you are using distributions other than debian and ubuntu and say i am […]

My Problem with Debian

I use Debian based distros. My favourites are Ubuntu, Sidux and MEPIS. In fact, I am solidly in the Debian camp. Despite this I have a problem with Debian and Debian users. It goes like this. Read here Quote: You see Debian does not like these names. They use all of these programs, but insist […]

Linux Evolution Reveals Origins of Curious Mathematical Phenomenon

Zipf’s law is a testament to the order in our world, showing that the same patterns emerge in a wide variety of situations. The researchers used four orders of magnitude of data detailing the evolution of open source software applications created for a Linux operating system to confirm the assumption. Read more of the weird […]

Installing Debian GNU/Linux etch-and-a-half

The etch-and-a-half release is essentially just the most recent point release for etch, but with a more recent kernel (version 2.6.24). The main purpose of this release is to allow installation of etch on systems not supported by the 2.6.18 kernel that is used in regular etch installs. Read more about it here Quote: For […]

Qemu – running fullscreen

I use QEMU for running virtual machines on my Linux Debian install. One of these vm’s is running Windows XP. This is because I experience some keyboard issues running Citrix under Debian, Read more here

Call for Talks for the Debian Developers' room at FOSDEM

As has become a habit now over the years, I've again requested adevelopers' room for the Debian project, and have just received anacceptance of that request. This means we'll be able to hold talks atFOSDEM for one and a half day: during the afternoon on saturday, and thewhole day on sunday. Hello World, It's that […]

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