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A Gentoo User Gives Debian a Go Around

A few weeks ago, I installed Debian for the first time on the desktop. Once, a friend and I installed a console-only version on another desktop and we connected remotely to his hosted game server which also ran Debian, so I hoped I should be a bit familiar with it.
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So, what did I reach? I successfully installed Debian, I learned it features Gnome and after all I am able to work with Gnome and Synaptic more than I thought, I learned its quite easy to find documentation and help for Debian and I learned I heave problems understanding Debian versions in combination with the sources-list file and apt-output. I also learned Debian misses some small features which could be added with minor efforts, like Dvorak support, a blockdev-command, maybe bash and that kind of things. Also, I appreciate the ubiquitous Gentoo USE-flags again. Sometimes they are a real annoyance, most of all because their number grows faster than the population of developing countries, but at least they prevent 'stupid things I don't use nor want' like slapd and postfix from being installed. And, most important, I learned I don't need wine to play FreeCell. I'm not sure what's next: I may install Fedora 10 or I may continue using Debian.

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