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Server upgraded to Debian lenny

This afternoon, I finally decided to upgrade my main server from Debian etch to lenny. Lenny is still testing, but is nearing release. This server is colocated with Core Networks, and I have no physical or console access to it.
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EXCEPT for the two things that always really bug me: Horde/IMP and Ruby/Rails. Horde has the most annoying upgrade process of any web app I’ve used lately. You first go through reading two different upgrade docs. To upgrade imp, you pipe some SQL commands into a PostgreSQL psql process (only they only document the mysql command line). Ditto for horde. But for Turba, the address book, you have to run a PHP program from the command line. Only it doesn’t work from any place in your PATH, so you have to divine a location to copy it to, run it from there, hack up the database stuff in it, then remember to delete it.

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