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Ftpteam members

with the recent resignation of one ftpteam member, we felt the need to
add some more. Luckily we did have volunteers and could start a trainee session.

with the recent resignation of one ftpteam member, we felt the need to
add some more. Luckily we did have volunteers and could start a trainee

Everyone please welcome Mike O'Connor <> as a new member
of the ftpteam!

There is a second DD currently acting as an ftp trainee, so it is very
likely I have to do another announcement sometime soon.

Call for help
Even with one new member just added and another one possibly following
soon, we can do with more people. The points I listed in [1] basically
still hold true, in case you consider it, but lets put them in here again. :)


– you should be able to invest at least 5 til 10 hours per week into this
role, forever (or as long as you want to stay in this team :) ),

– need to be able to deal with sometimes not very popular
decisions. People do not always like it if you reject a package, but
that is no reason to allow bad ones in. If you can't stand a bit of
flames / don't like to take hard decisions, this is no job for you. :)

– need to be able to deal with all the existing team members (and they
with you) :)

– must love to read and deal with legal texts, like licenses and their
effect on the package in Debian. The ftpteam is *the* one place to
decide if something is ok for Debian to distribute or not, and you
will have to take this decision

– need a very good understanding of the archive, how packaging works,
know qa processes and the general way things are dealt with in
Debian. This job will throw you right in the middle of all this.
You just have to know the basics of about every programming language
you can imagine (and all those you can't but that are still there),
of all the different packaging systems people use. NEW will present
all of them and more stuff you never heard about and you need to be
able to dig through it, searching for possible bad things.

– be able to read and write python. At least if you want to understand
the code behind our archive, or even want to help maintaining it.

– the team keeps the right to refuse *any* candidate for whatever reason.

If you want to help, please mail and we might
invite you! :)

Also, if that is too much for you, you do not need to join the team to
help out. If you know python you can also be of great help by
contributing with patches to the dak code. I do like to merge patches!

Ever wanted to have your pet feature in dak? Go and code it! (Well, join
#debian-dak on and talk to us first, to avoid double work
or running in the totally wrong direction. Noone likes to have to redo
everything because the start was wrong).
If you want to help out coding, our git repository is at


– bye, Joerg [ direkt nach] Linus muss Gentooler hassen.
wieso? Naja, die dürften ihre optimierten Kernel gerade fertig gebaut haben und müssen jetzt aus prompter Versionitis auf das Ausprobieren verzichten und den neuen kompilieren…

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