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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs and a nice speed improvement

This all started when a DSA (Debian SysAdmin (those with root rights on all machines)) wanted to upgrade the kernel running on our ftp-master host. It was shortly before dinstall, but hey, there it went, and the machine rebooted into a 2.6.28. Besides murphy taking his share making the machine fsck its huge filesystem that is all fine
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So, whatever the fix might be for etch, if any, there is no way we Ftpmaster can force DSA to live with a 2.6.27 kernel forever on our host. As the problem occurs when using popen2 – lets get rid of it. Luckily popen2 was used in dak by people that either did not know the gzip module python has, or it has been there since before that exists. Don’t know, but that made removing popen2 a not too hard deal, done by our newest addition to the Ftpteam, Mike O’Connor, stew (Thanks!).

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