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Kudos to translators

Dear translators, Thank you and congratulations for your translations in Lenny. You are making Debian the Universal Operating System!

* Lenny comes with an installer translated in 63 languages (5 more than
Etch), which also means that 150 millions additional people can install
Debian in their language.

* Lenny also comes with a lot of Debconf templates translations (85
languages, 14 languages over 50%). This is also the first time Debian
is released with all Debconf templates available in a language other
than English. And to celebrate this, 3 languages are in the party
(French, German, Portuguese)! 9 languages are over 75% (compared to 5
in Etch).
Before announcing that the Swedish already reached 100% (for unstable),
we should probably call the anti-doping authorities (or wait for
maintainers to upload the new translations).

* Debian also has a web site translated in 36 languages (7 of them
have more than half of the pages translated). This will definitely help
our users (or soon to be users) learning about Debian.

* There is also a huge effort in translating documentation. With the last
documents (Release notes and Release Announcement) which might have
occupied you nights in the last weeks. The Lenny announcement was
translated in 20 languages, the release notes in 18 languages, and the
installation guide in 15 languages.

* Since one year now, there has been an English localization effort (the
Smith Review Project), which permitted to enhance and harmonize the
debconf templates and package descriptions. This is a great help for
translators, English users, and other users who have to use not yet
translated templates. Nearly 25% of the packages with debconf templates
have been reviewed so far.
Readers will notice that this mail hasn’t been reviewed on purpose just
to illustrate how needed such reviews are when texts are written by non
native speakers.

* New in Lenny: package descriptions are translated and these
translations are available on the official FTP mirrors. Users will
enjoy searching and understanding packages in their own languages!
(Anybody willing to make localized images?)

Thanks also to the Release Team, to the I18N wizard, and to the
Maintainers who permitted to include a lot of translations during the
Lenny freeze and took care that no unblocks introduced new templates
without translations.

Thanks again to all of you who made it possible: translators,
coordinators, maintainers, developers, masters, assistants, wizards,
administrators, contributors, reviewers, supporters, users, amongst
enthusiasts of Debian and free software.

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