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Damn Small Linux 4.4-10

Damn Small Linux (DSL) is another small, minimal-requirement distro, which aims to deliver solid functionality and ultra-fast performance on very-low-end machines, with as little as just a handful of MB of RAM. Alongside Puppy, it’s one of the flagships of small Linux distros.

Nagios made easy

What’s the best way to monitor multiple Linux servers for configuration errors, high load or other problems? The answer is Nagios, which is a fantastic (and free!) networking monitoring system that lets you track multiple servers (HTTP, SMTP, SSH and more) across multiple machines, all backed by a neat user interface.

Lights….A Review of SimplyMEPIS 8.0

Depressed, and almost giving up, I came across MEPIS and since I didn’t yet know how to burn an iso image to a CD, I simply mailed off $10 and MEPIS sent me a Live CD. Certainly, this cheap ten buck distro couldn’t out perform the hundred dollar super distros.

Why do I like Debian

I finally figured it out today. I have always been the type that likes to do it my own way. I don’t just take the standard things and be happy with them. I like to take it apart and see what’s going on inside. Moreso, I like to lay things out the way I think […]

How to open your firewall remotely only for you

Now I have found another way, you may have your firewall closed by default, but you will be able to open it when you need to access your server, and closed it again after use, the package that will do the magic is knockd, and as its name says, you will knock the door of […]

Deciding Which Linux Flavor is Best

I will list a few of the major distros currently in the world to whet your appetite. There are lots and lots out there and it would be impossible to do justice to all of them. If you are interested in them I heartily recommend doing some further research.

Debian and VMware server

The path /usr/src/linux/include is a kernel header file directory, but it is not part of kernel source tree.” I hit this snag and did a lot of trawling with little luck.

First call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2009

Hi, This is the first call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2009.

Acer Aspire One D150 running Linux

At first I was reluctant to install MEPIS but later I caved because being unable to get the speakers to work was just annoying. I downloaded, and installed it. And lo and behold, the built-in speakers work now

How to Recover Deleted Files in Ubuntu / Debian with Scapel and Foremost

Foremost and Scalpel are not interested in the underlying filesystem. They simply expect the data blocks of the files to reside sequentially in the image under investigation.

Install APC for PHP on Debian 5 Lenny

I have recently moved from hosting on a CentOS box to Debian and needed to install PHP’s APC opcode cache on it. I’ve posted about how to do this before on a CentOS box which is a very manual process and now add this post to install APC on Debian which is much easier.

Increasing max number of open files for glassfish user on debian

My glassfish process kept dying with “Too many open files” in the log. I’m not surprised that it has too many – it has quite a few large applications running – but how to increase this?

Last push for the ffmpeg, libraw1394 and directfb transitions

Hello,We’ve ended up with some transitions in unstable that can’t be uncoupled despite our efforts.¹ The good news is that the biggest of these sets is almost ready to migrate, which means it’s time to temporarily block uploads of the involved packages to ensure that we’ll be able to push the lot to testing once […]

Linux Kernel 2.6.29 installation guide for Ubuntu and Debian Linux

The Ubuntu kernel guys have released an “official” build of the 2.6.29 Linux Kernel which came out tonight. The .deb files work for both Ubuntu and Debian! (and outdated, stable and test releases like Ubuntu 9.04 jaunty jackalope.

Debian Lenny upgrades: watch out for the bnx2 firmware!

While installing a new server, I noticed that Debian kicked the bnx2 firmware for the Broadcom NetXtreme II (like found in HP DL3xx and Dell PowerEdge servers), to non-free.

How-To: Compile and Install GIMP 2.6.6 in Debian Lenny

The latest stable series, 2.6.x, include several UI improvements, new filters, and the introduction of the GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) framework. Although the version which comes with Debian Lenny (2.4.7) is stable enough and full-featured, if you want the latest release you can easily compile your own version by following the steps below.

How-To: Compile and Install VLC 0.9.8 from Source in Debian Lenny

The version which comes included in the Debian Lenny repositories is 0.8.6h, which uses the wxWidgets kit and it is kind of outdated now. The latest release of VLC is 0.9.8a, which is now built in Qt 4 and includes several improvements over the 0.8.x series.

How-To: Install the Latest Wine Release in Debian Lenny

Debian Lenny comes with Wine 1.0.1 included in the repositories, which is the stable release of Wine, but it is also a little outdated. Here are a few easy steps for compiling and installing the latest Wine release from source in Debian Lenny.

MEPIS 8 and Fujitsu Lifebook S7110

For a time I feared that my laptop would reach it’s end of useful life before I found a distro as excellent as MEPIS, but that’s all in the past now.

MySQL at Debian and Ubuntu

Good news, mysql-server package doesn’t suck miserably on Debian 5.0 or Ubuntu 8.10, unlike previous versions did

The First Linux Botnet

Linux seems to be a great platform for these little embedded devices. It’s small enough that it can fit in economical hardware, portable enough that you can put it on almost any processor and platform, and it’s got great networking tools. This particular bot runs on Linux Mipsel devices (“Mipsel” is the port of Debian […]

How-To: Compile and Install Wesnoth 1.6 from Source in Debian Lenny and Ubuntu 8.10

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free turn-based strategy game licensed under the GPL. After over one year of constant development, a new stable version, 1.6, was released on March 22, 2009, featuring many graphics and gameplay improvements.

Interview with Robert Shingledecker, creator of Tiny Core Linux

This week we interview Robert Shingledecker, former DSL developer and now founder of the new kid on the block – Tiny Core Linux. This distro is just 10 MB small and, as the name suggests, it boots to a core graphical environment.

Debian Live LXDE persistent mode

I was very happy that Debian Lenny had Live LXDE Desktop CD. I had tried it briefly earlier. Today I decided to use the persistent mode i.e. changes saved in live-rw file and used on reboot.

Debian on Twitter

Or… for those who care about Twitter and Debian. We’ve setup a Twitter account for the project to use on Twitter. Go follow it, go now!

Changing exim4 settings with Debian 5 Lenny

Exim4 is a mail transfer agent for sending and receiving emails on a server. This post looks at how to change the major configuration options on Debian 5 Lenny

Debian 5.0 ScreenShots

So it has been a while since I have posted ScreenShots of any distribution lately. So I decided to start it off with the new and improved Debian 5.0.

Distro Review: Debian Lenny

Ok it’s time for another distro review and I’m a bit overdue with this one but I’m a big fan of Debian and the dedicated community who develop it I make no secret of that.

64 bit Debian

I tried 64 bit Debian about two years ago when it was very new, and decided that I should stay with 32 bit for the time being, but recently I have been in an organizing frenzy, and thought that instead of just reinstalling the 32 bit version I should try 64 bit again.

Obese Debian (and its offspring Ubuntu?)

Subversion (3 layers depth) dependency graph (no suggests, no recommends, no alternatives). It seems that Subversion now supports MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite3 storage? Nop, they are just dependencies for libaprutil.

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