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MEPIS – Simply MEPIS 8 review

One of the more popular Linux distributions, but not one that’s offering much of a threat to Ubuntu in terms of popularity, Simply MEPIS nonetheless has much to commend it. It’s the community version of the MEPIS distribution, and right from the start it glistens with commercial gloss.

Bits from the Debian Installer team

After the release of Lenny, for which the Debian Installer team felt proud for being a part of the technical success….but also guilty for being one of the release delay factors, the team felt the need to virtually sit down and discuss about our future, organization and technical challenges for the Lenny->Squeeze release cycle.

Upgrading MySQLdb on Ubuntu/Debian

Like I wrote about last week the stable version of MySQLdb leaks memory and it will crash your long running processes. These leaks are fixed in the upcoming version – which is 1.2.3c1 currently.

Installing MyDNS-NG & MyDNSConfig 3 On Debian Lenny

In this tutorial I will describe how to install and configure MyDNS-NG and MyDNSConfig 3 on Debian Lenny. MyDNS-NG is a DNS server that uses a MySQL database as backend instead of configuration files like, for example, Bind or djbdns.

Preventing a service from starting on Debian or Ubuntu

I have been tending to run MySQL on my computers for the purpose of Rails app development. However, for my laptop especially, I prefer if MySQL is not started by default. I prefer to start it manually if it’s needed.

8 Rocking Linux Distros

Defining the best Linux distros is like defining the best car–one does not exist; instead, the best cars are the ones that meet your needs, and your needs may vary wildly from the needs of another person. Just as an F150 might be the best vehicle for you and a Civic for me, Ubuntu might […]

Debian unleashes inner devil

The Debian project has announced that it is adding two new FreeBSD kernels to the unstable and experimental archive under the name of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.

Preparing for GTK 3.0 and GNOME 3

Hi, although for various reasons (mostly ongoing transitions) we are quite late in packaging GNOME 2.26 in Debian, we should also look at the future. GTK+ 3.0 is planned around march 2010, and GNOME 3.0 a little while later. With them comes the final deprecation of many GNOME 2.X interfaces.

My thoughts on debianisation of haskell packages

I have written a few posts on debianising haskell packages in the past. Back then I stopped looking at it because of the age of the ghc-related packages in Debian Sid. Things have since improved and I’ve finally found some time to revisit the problem.

Server troubles

We are currently experiencing some server problems here at, please bear with us while we work to resolve them as soon as possible.

New architectures

Hi, we just added two new architectures to the Debian archive. Everybody please welcome: kfreebsd-i386 AKA GNU/kFreeBSD i386 and kfreebsd-amd64 AKA GNU/kFreeBSD amd64

Minimal things needed for SSH login on Debian Linux

I am currently working on a little project where I need to have SSH access during the boot (on the initrd system). The following things are needed to create a working – as far as I know – minimal SSH server..

Second call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2009

Hi, This is the second call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2009.

Ruby on Rails with Postgresql on Debian/Ubuntu

Based on the information scattered here and there, if you want to use postgresql with Ruby on Rails on Debian/Ubuntu, you can use 2 approaches

HOWTO remotely install debian over gentoo without physical access

One Saturday night while chatting at IRC (what else could we be doing on saturday night ??) we had an inspiration, why not install Debian remotely, without taking the server home.

How to Install Damn Small Linux on a USB Card

For computer users that prefer to run in a Linux operating system to do their computing it is possible to carry your own bootable Linux operating system on your USB Card or drive that will start on any computer that can boot from a USB device

Debian 5: Lenny

The latest release of Debian 5 comes with an extensive list of software packages and support for 12 different architectures

Backporting Debian packages with pbuilder

I run Ubuntu 8.04 “hardy” on my servers. Hardy is almost a year old now, and although it has up to date security fixes it no longer has the latest releases of software. This is fine for most purpose, but sometimes I want an updated version of some software and I’m willing to risk the […]

Using The BTRFS Filesystem On Debian Lenny

This tutorial shows how you can build the kernel and tools to use the new BTRFS filesystem on Debian Lenny.

How To Install A Public Git Repository On A Debian Server

Git is a free distributed revision control, was initially created by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. It is primarily developed on Linux, but can be used on other Unix operating systems including BSD, Solaris and Darwin.

How-To: Debian Lenny Minimal Installation

Debian Lenny comes with KDE 3.5.10 and GNOME 2.22, and will install by default the entire GNOME desktop environment and the X Window System. This means many applications which you may never use will also be installed, so here is a solution in order to get only a basic system and then install only the […]

Best of Linux Distro

The eight distros below are listed based on several different criteria–community, usability support, etc. This article avoids, for lack of a better word, “general” distros.

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