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2.6.29 realtime kernel for Debian

I’ve finally sat down and tried to make a realtime kernel for Debian, for my 64bit machine. I followed the instructions I found in this post on the Debian forums.

Debian Lenny (and fully working X in Linux) — I’m back

I’ve written hundreds of posts about Debian, and maybe just as many about trouble I’ve had with my Intel-graphics-using laptops and screen artifacts in the X Window System graphical environment for Unix/Linux operating systems.

How to install .deb& .tar&.rpm files on ubuntu system

These files are Debian packages. The package files associated with Ubuntu have the .deb suffix because of Ubuntu’s close relations with the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. You will need administrative privileges to install a .deb file. See Administrative Tasks for more details.

How To Compile virt-df, virt-top, virt-mem & virt-ctrl On Debian Lenny

This short guide explains how you can build virt-df, virt-top, virt-mem and virt-ctrl from the sources on a Debian Lenny system. These tools are currently available for Fedora in binary format.

Misc developer news (#16)

In this issue: + GCC 4.4 related build failures tracked in the BTS + Debian is switching to EGLIBC + Debian Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) mailing list + New upload queue for European Developers + Updates of LXDE

Debian apt-get missing keys

Lately, my Debian servers have been bugging me with stuff like this everytime I tried to apt-get update: “W: There are no public key available for the following key IDs:”

Debian Maintainers now able to post to Debian Twitter

I’ve added support for Debian Maintainers to post tweets to Debian Twitter (both on and Twitter). Feel free to use it.

Debian Lenny eAccelerator packages (AMD64)

As I already explained I use the eAccelerator packages from Andrew McMillan. Unfortunately he didn’t compile new packages for Debian Lenny. Therefore I took his work as starting point and compiled the packages for the latest Lenny updates for the amd64. The i386 packages will follow soon.

Damn Small Linux, VirtualBox, Java

A week ago I was thinking about banks autentications, here in Brazil, you have to register your computer to get access to the bank site with your computer. Do this every time you format your hard disk is sux, so i thought, why don’t use a virtual machine with a Damn Small linux and use […]

Search engine for Debian sources

Peter De Wachter has created a Debian source code search engine for developers. It lets them find out quickly what files contain, for example, the usb_device structure required for accessing USB devices.

Debian @Linuxtag 2009 – Last call for help

Hi, okay – this is my last call for help. Currently I have one, maybe two people that want to help on the Linuxtag booth on June 24th – 26th in Berlin, Germany.

Debian Archive Signing Key to be changed

The Debian Project wishes to announce the change of the GNU Privacy Guard key used to digitaly sign its archive reference files. Signatures are used to ensure that packages installed by users are the very same originally distributed by Debian, and have not been exchanged or tempered with.

Debian JSON for Ruby

I tried to install JSON for Ruby via RubyGem,and I got the following error message: Building native extensions. This could take a while… ERROR: Error installing json: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

Setting Up A PXE Install Server For Multiple Linux Distributions On Debian Lenny

This tutorial shows how to set up a PXE (short for preboot execution environment) install server on Debian Lenny. A PXE install server allows your client computers to boot and install a Linux distribution over the network, without the need of burning Linux iso images onto a CD/DVD, boot floppy images, etc.

GRUB error 15 ( Debian/Ubuntu )

The reason for grub error 15 is very simple and so is the solution. The error gives you a message “Error 15: File not found!” simply because the file grub wants is not there. why? because grub is looking into a wrong device.

Operating systems offer some gains

If only life were so simple for the operating systems that run our computers. Let’s start with Linux, or more precisely, SimplyMEPIS Linux.

Debian Archive Signing Key to be changed

Debian Archive Signing Key to be changed. The Debian Project wishes to announce the change of the GNU Privacy Guard key used to digitaly sign its archive reference files. Signatures are used to ensure that packages installed by users are the very same originally distributed by Debian, and have not been exchanged or tempered with.

Bits from the Eee PC team, Spring 2009

We’re pleased that Lenny released with good support for the Eee PC and are now turning our efforts to make Squeeze even better, while continuing to provide support for our Lenny user base.


I did it. I had enough of Ubuntu holding my hand, already… I have installed Debian Lenny.

Kernel issues – Debian and pristine

Ever since I bought this laptop I was quite content with it running Debian GNU/Linux (Lenny) and, except the sleep functionality not working (bug reported, but I have no answer for any new approaches) I have no other major issues.

Back to Debian

So I went back to Debian, haven’t ran straight Debian for a while. Set up and encrypted hard drive, which is nice, and Debian so far is the only one I’ve seen that give the option on install

How to Recover Important Files with Knoppix

You go to your computer, power it on, and half way through the boot sequence you are hit with this innocent looking blue screen with crap you probably don’t understand. While I am not going to write a novel on any one of a hundred things you could do to fix this, I will instruct […]

KMID- KDE MIDI playback on Mepis/Debian

Because I’ve dealt with the no sound on Linux issue so many times I was about to pull my skull apart. I exercised a little more patience and Googled for the answer which I’ll describe in short here.

Up close and personal with Debian 5.0

Debian’s been around now for an impressive 16 years and is still renowned for its reliability and stability – although it’s sometimes criticised for its rather slow release process. It’s also the distro that the very popular Ubuntu is based on. The latest Debian version – 5.0, codenamed Lenny – was released on 14 February.

How the Debian OpenSSL bug almost spawned a disaster

When news broke last year about the serious flaw in the Debian OpenSSL pseudorandom number generator, security experts knew it was a serious problem and warned users to regenerate any keys that had been created using the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL package.

Install ServerStats on Debian

This tutorial will quickly explain how to install and set up ServerStats ( on your server.

Building a Debian Package from Source

From time to time, you may have needed or wanted a package that wasn’t int he Debian repositories. Well, no need to worry. Here is a simple way to create a Debian Package from the Source files.

Mounting NFS filesystems and directories in Linux over network

In this tutorial we will learn how to use a NFS mounted filesystem or rather learn how to mount a NFS filesystem and use it on a client computer.

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card

The idea of this reference card is to provide new users of Debian GNU/Linux with the most important commands. Basic (or better) knowledge of computers, files, directories and the command line is required. Some acronyms related to Debian GNU/Linux can be found here.

The Debian PGP disaster that almost was

A year ago, I wrote about the Debian OpenSSL PRNG bug that reduced the entropy of its random seed to 15 bits. There was a little-noticed part of the advisory that said all DSA keys used on the affected systems should be considered compromised.

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