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How To Compile virt-df, virt-top, virt-mem & virt-ctrl On Debian Lenny

This short guide explains how you can build virt-df, virt-top, virt-mem and virt-ctrl from the sources on a Debian Lenny system. These tools are currently available for Fedora in binary format. More here

virt-top – “top”-like utility for showing stats of virtualized domains.

virt-df – “df” for virtual guests. Run this on the host/dom0 to find out how much disk space is used and available on all partitions of all the guests.

virt-mem are tools for monitoring virtual guest load, kernel messages, process lists and so on without needing to log in to the guest itself.

virt-ctrl is a graphical management app for virtual machines, modelled after Virtual Machine Manager.

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